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  • No Photo Rabies: A Neurotropic Disease    By: Dr. Ankit Singh

    Rabies is a neurotropic disease caused by rabies virus which belongs to family Rhabdoviridae. It is spread in more than 150 countries and territories of all continents except Antarctica and cause death of more than 50,000 human lives worldwide annually. Awareness of people about the disease and appropriate treatment can only reduce the mortality rate in this oldest known mankind disease. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Author Photo Haploids and Doubled Haploids: Generation and Application in Plant Breeding    By: Vijay Sharma

    The attaining homozygous line in the normal breeding was crucial in order to develop hybrids. The best method to shortcut breeding technology is induction of haploid lines. Haploid plants are intensively utilized for investigation and improvement of many agricultural crops. Haploids are unique plants and can provide researchers with genetic information not possible with normal diploid individuals. The methods of generation and some advantages of using haploids in plant breeding are discussed here. >> Category: Genetics
  • Author Photo Cisgenics Plants are as safer as Traditional and Breeded plants    By: KUMARA SWAMY R.V.

    This article mainly emphasize on advantage as well as disparity between the traditional, transgenic and Cisgenic plants. Cisgenesis will play an important role in sustainable crop improvement. >> Category: Agriculture
  • Author Photo RNA Interference Technology- Gene Silencing in Plants    By: Vijay Sharma

    RNA interference a simple and rapid method of silencing gene expression in a range of organisms. This article will guide you step-by-step towards a better understanding of what is RNA interference, how does it work, what are their application in plants, and what are their advantage and disadvantage. >> Category: Genetics
  • Author Photo Genetic Engineered Resistance against Herbicide: Current status and Future perspective    By: Ram Chandra Choudhary

    This article mainly emphasize on action of different types of herbicide on crop plant with genetic engineering approaches and some recent strategies to develop a tolerant plant against herbicide. >> Category: Agriculture
  • Author Photo Animal Model for Neural Tube Defects    By: Geetanjali Murari

    This article deals with the significant animal model used in research for studying neural tube defects. The best animal models are illustrated here. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Author Photo Functional Markers in Hexaploid Wheat: An overview    By: Ram Chandra Choudhary

    The main aim of this article is to present an overview and current status of functional markers, responsible for quality traits, biotic and abiotic stress tolerance in wheat. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Study of Fungal Flora from Higher Termite Soil.    By: Sreeremya Sasi

    Study of fungal flora from higher termite soil collected from different regions of Palakkad district. Termites usually known as white ants have major significance. They have beneficial role and they have the ability to produce methane. >> Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • No Photo Role of RNAi in Crop Improvement    By: Pradeep Sharma

    RNA interference (RNAi) is involved in sequence-specific gene regulation driven by the introduction of dsRNA resulting inhibition of translation or transcriptional repression. Impact of RNAi to improve the crop plants has proved to be a novel approach in combating the biotic and abiotic stresses and the nutritional improvement including reduced content of food allergens and toxic compounds. It has been employed successfully to bring about modifications of several desired traits in different plants. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Wheat genome sequence applications    By: Pradeep Sharma

    Wheat is the second largest growing food cereal crop worldwide. It covers about 30% food requirement of world population. It is estimated that by 2030, India needs to produce 130 million tonnes of wheat to feed constantly growing population. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Vegetative Propagation in Cashew    By: Dr.(Mrs) K. Usha

    Cashew can be propagated by seed as well as vegetative means. Since, cashew is a highly cross pollinated crop, seedling progenies are highly variable in nature. Hence, various standardized vegetative propagation methods have been described to obtain true-to-the-type progenies >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Top Working in Cashew    By: Dr.(Mrs) K. Usha

    Rejuvenation of unproductive and senile cashew trees.Top working is a technique evolved to rejuvenate unproductive and senile cashew trees. Top working can successfully rejuvenate poor yielders in the age group of 5-20 years. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Bioinformatics Sequence Databases    By: Madhu Bala Priyadarshi

    In the current scenario, biological data is so huge that biologists depend on databases to store, organize, search and analyze data. In DNA databases efforts are made to store data of DNA sequences which are potentially useful for computation. With the fast pace of advancement of technology in the field of bioinformatics, India is not behind from other countries. Substantial efforts have been done to store sequence data. There are several databanks and softwares available on internet for retrieving information and among them, GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ databank stores largest number of records. >> Category: Bioinformatics
  • No Photo Pathogenicity of Different Aeromonas Spp    By: Sreeremya Sasi

    Aeromonas spp are ubiquitous Gram negative bacilli, now a day classified within the Aeromonadaceae family. The species of this genus have long been known to cause different type of infections in fish, reptiles and amphibians, and some species mainly, A. hydrophila, A sobria and A. caviae have been described as emergent food borne pathogens implicated in human gastroenteritis ranging from mild diarrhea to chlora-like illness. >> Category: Biotech Research
  • No Photo Strategies to Minimize Impact of Climate Change on Fruit Production    By: Shiv Lal

    Over the years, environmental changes playing a significant role like occurrence of erratic rain and snowfall, droughts increase in temperature etc resulting in variation in the fruit production. A significant change in climate at global and national level is certainly impacting horticulture and affecting fruit production and quality. Therefore understanding of impact of climate change on perennial horticultural production system and the potential effects on fruit quality is need of the hour. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Impact of Climate Change on Plant Diseases    By: Shiv Lal

    Climate change posing serious threat to agriculture and it greatly influencing plant health. Climate change can have positive, negative, or neutral impact on individual pathosystems because of the specific nature of the interactions of host and pathogen. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Tank Bottom Sludge- Hazards and Treatment Methods    By: Dani Kate

    This article outlines the various hazardous impacts of tank bottom sludge and the methods that can be used for the effective treatment and disposal of the concerned sludge. >> Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • No Photo Genomic Assisted Breeding in Fruit Crops [PDF]    By: Shiv Lal

    The perennial nature, complex behavior, vegetative propagation, sterility, parthanocarpy and polyploidy of fruit tree are great problem for their efficient improvement through traditional breeding methods. Genomic tools can now firmly utilized in the breeding of many fruit crops, improving the precision and enabling the assembly of multiple traits in new elite breeding lines and varieties. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Construction of Partial Genomic Library of Bacillus Subtilis [PDF]    By: Monazza Shahab

    A genomic library consists of clone of every gene and extragenic sequences found in the cell of any given organism. Having learnt about it in theories, it is a great experience to construct one practically. Also the usefulness of a genomic library is immense; it could be preserved for ages and can be used to study about various genes that harbours the genome of an organism. >> Category: Genetics
  • Author Photo Role of KCl and MgCl2 in PCR    By: Subin Raj

    This article summarizes the possible roles of the salts, Potassium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride in the PCR. >> Category: Biotech Research
  • No Photo Applications of Bioinformatics    By: Madhu Bala Priyadarshi

    Today, bioinformatics is used in large number of fields such as microbial genome applications, biotechnology, waste cleanup, Gene Therapy etc. In this article an effort is made to provide brief information of applications of bioinformatics in the field of Medicine, Microbial Genome Application and Agriculture. >> Category: Bioinformatics
  • Author Photo Recombinant Proteins from CHO cells - Key to Infectious Diseases in Therapeutics    By: Dr. Madhusudan P Dabhole

    This article describes about the use of CHO cells in recombinant protein production. Recombinant proteins are at the cutting edge phase where it will require quality support & technology advancement for high production >> Category: Applications
  • Author Photo GM Crops and Agro-Biodiversity    By: Subin Raj

    Genetically modified crops are considered hazardous to agro-biodiversity in general. This article provides an alternative view of the impacts of GM crops on agro-biodiversity and offer possible solutions to this problem. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Insight of Male Sterile Technology    By: Dr. Deepak Rameshwar Sapkal

    Male sterility is the only suitable technique for commercial hybrid seed production. The present article gives utilitarian information - Why is the male sterility observed in male part only? How to express male sterility and its classification. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Pomegranate Sparkle in Tropical and Sub-Tropical Regions    By: Dr. Deepak Rameshwar Sapkal

    Area under pomegranate is increasing worldwide because of its hardy nature, wider adaptability, drought tolerance, grow well in soils of low fertility status, salt tolerant, higher yield levels, excellent keeping quality and remunerative prices in domestic as well as export markets. Also its having nutritional and health benefit importance. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Millets: Climate Resilient Future Crops    By: Dr. Smita N. Shingane

    This article provides account of technologies for sustaining millets production and utilization. Millets comprising of sorghum, pearl millet, and small millets namely finger millet, foxtail millet, kodo millet, proso millet, barnyard millet and little millet are grown in arid and semi-arid tracts of Asian, African under low rainfall where fine cereals cannot be grown profitably. Millets possess advantages such as early maturing, drought tolerance, require minimal purchased inputs and mostly free from biotic and abiotic stresses. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Barnyard Millet: A Fast Growing, Drought Tolerant Nutritious Crop    By: Dr. Smita N. Shingane

    Echinochloa frumentacea (Indian barnyard millet, sawa millet, or billion dollar grass) is a species of Echinochloa. This article provides account of Barnyard millet a highly nutritious millet crop. Covers its origin, botany, taxonomy etc. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Proso Millet: Drought Tolerant and Nutritious Small Millet    By: Dr. Smita N. Shingane

    Proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) also called as common millet, broomcorn millet, French millet, Hog millet or white millet is one of the most important crop domesticated about 10000 years ago in central and Eastern Asia and spread from China to the Black Sea region of Europe by 5000 BC (Lawler, 2009). This article provides account of Proso millet a highly nutritious millet crop. Covers its origin, botany, taxonomy etc. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Foxtail Millet: A Nutritious Minor Millet    By: Dr. Smita N. Shingane

    This article provides account of foxtail millet a highly nutritious millet crop. Covers its origin, botany, taxonomy etc. Foxtail millet is well recognized as a short duration, rainy season crop. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Apomixis Conserved Heterozygosity and Averts Inbreeding Depression in Flowering Plants    By: Dr. Deepak Rameshwar Sapkal

    Apomixis is a asexual type of reproduction in which seed are developed without fusion of male and female gametes. It technology is helpful to conserve the heterozygosity, avoid in breeding depression and providing hybrid seed to farmer at low cost. >> Category: Agriculture

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Article: Enzymes in Diagnosing Disease - Comment by: mahendra gupta - 2014-12-11

very easily...and sufficient
thanx 'ur

Article: How a Baby Develops Inside Mother's Womb: From an Embryo to a Child - Comment by: masiha - 2014-12-07

Tnx for diz amaizing nd awesome article its carrying a lot of information about growth of baby in womb Nd now am 6 month pregnant Alhamdulillah

Article: Mode of Action of Antibiotics - Comment by: Mayank Tenguria - 2014-11-18

there are lot of mistakes in the article which changes the sense of meaning. Thought the article is tried to be made in simple ways but the language is needed to be further improved in the article.

Thank you
Mayank Tenguria
Lenience Biotech Lab

Article: How a Baby Develops Inside Mother's Womb: From an Embryo to a Child - Comment by: suma - 2014-11-08

Wow, Amazing, Awesome information
Iam carrying and now fifth month running. Thank U for amazing information. Thums up

Article: How a Baby Develops Inside Mother's Womb: From an Embryo to a Child - Comment by: Thimma Reddy C R - 2014-11-02

It is very useful to pregnent. This is very amazing infromation. Hence the GOD is always great.

Article: Synthetic Seed Production and Application - Comment by: nikita - 2014-10-31

what is the cost of synthetic seeds

Article: Applications of Animal Cell Culture Technique - Comment by: piyush mishra - 2014-10-25

its worthy and complete thanks and keep us informing new and precise information

Article: Plasmids: Types, Functions and Applications - Comment by: Haris Khan - 2014-10-22

this was very helpful to me

Article: Health Benefits of Passion Fruit - Comment by: diane - 2014-10-07

Hi, you've got a great article on passion fruit. I found a good passion fruit juice on Amazon, it is Markizza Passion Fruit Juice. The taste is perfect!

Article: Biotechnology Foot Prints With Indian Epics - Comment by: Krishna.R - 2014-10-03

That is proved....

Article: Epilepsy Gene LGI2 - Comment by: meya - 2014-09-30

wats the cure?? but other then that this helped a lot thanks:)


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