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Article: Single Cell Protein- Advantages and Disadvantages - Comment by: humphrey nyagah - 2015-04-07

very useful.thank you

Article: Career as a Marine Microbiologist - Comment by: Mukesh paithane - 2015-04-01

Thanks for this great information ! I am a student of Msc Microbiology and I would like to work for marine industry in future. just enlist the names of some so that I can apply after completion of my post graduation. rn

Article: Bacterial Locomotion - Importance of Bacterial Motility - Comment by: rijvI - 2015-03-31

please give me some example of motile and non-motile baxteria.please immediately

Article: Green and Purple Sulfur Bacteria - Comment by: Pradeep - 2015-03-30

Its An A Wonderful for A Student

Article: DNA Sequencing: Maxam Gilbert Method - Comment by: Anuran Kashyap - 2015-03-24

The example cited is wrong. Upon electrophoresis and subsequent detection, the 12th position has dark bands forming for all the reactions indicating that all the bases are present at the 12th site, which obviously is not possible. Much so that while writing the sequence, the author has intentionally not written any base for 12th position because of the ambiguity.

Article: Colorful Bacteria - Comment by: Sonali Bhawsar - 2015-03-20

Good to know this.. Thanks Zahra!

Article: Earthy Odor - What Causes the Pleasant Earth Odor After Rain? - Comment by: Sonali Bhawsar - 2015-03-20

Thanks Shruthi!

Article: Colorful Bacteria - Comment by: Sonali Bhawsar - 2015-03-20

Thanks Sandhya!

Article: Basic Information Regarding Bioinformatics For Beginners - Comment by: kudakwashe Kakurira - 2015-03-18

I need help with a question I have on bioinformatics in brief or a detailed account:Discuss, using examples protein structural classification databases and compare them to motif based protein databases, highlight their advantage and disadvantage.

Article: Colorful Bacteria - Comment by: Sandhya - 2015-03-16

very informative knowledge.... thank you.. it helps me a lot ...

Article: Earthy Odor - What Causes the Pleasant Earth Odor After Rain? - Comment by: Shruthi - 2015-03-12

Well structured and most convincing explanation. Thank you very much


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