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Author: Akshay Sakhare

No Photo Total Articles: 6 | Total Views: 16012 | Points Scored: 19,012

City: New Delhi | State: Delhi, India

About Me: I am a scientist, my discipline is Plant Physiology my area of work is abiotic stress

Articles by Akshay Sakhare:
  • 'NO' Signaling Molecule in Plants ( 2928 reads)   

    Nitric oxide (NO) plays important role in various plant processes including biotic and abiotic stress responses. Role of NO in the regulation of plant growth and development is well established now. - Category: Agriculture
  • Journey of Nitrogen From Soil to Seeds ( 2337 reads)   

    Plant growth and development depends heavily on availability of nitrogen. Nitrogen is acquired by roots then assimilated and transported to sink. During vegetative stage nitrogen is stored in the leaves. Stored nitrogen in leaves is remobilized to developing seeds as amino acids during senescence. - Category: Agriculture
  • Sucrose Probe for Phenotyping of Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Crop Plants ( 2627 reads)   

    Sucrose transport through phloem to the developing grains play a pivotal role in determining productivity hence its measurement under abiotic stress could be a vital tool to determine productivity vis-a-vis abiotic stress tolerance. - Category: Agriculture
  • Karrikins: A New Family of Plant Growth Hormones in Plant Derived Smoke ( 2918 reads)   

    Plant derived smoke promotes seed germination in wide range of plant species. Karrikinolide (KAR1) was first identified as the potent germination stimulant present in plant-derived smoke. Karrikins are now firmly established as an important family of naturally occurring plant growth regulators. - Category: Agriculture
  • Plant Peptide Hormone. ( 2838 reads)   

    Plant peptide hormone is a new entrant in the plant hormone group. Peptide hormone function as signaling molecule in the cell to cell interactions to coordinate and integrate cellular functions. - Category: Agriculture
  • Strigolactone: A Newly Discovered Plant Hormone ( 2364 reads)   

    How strigolactone was discovered, the genes and mutants involved in and the physiological responses of Strigolactone. - Category: Agriculture

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