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Author: Aritri Ghosh

No Photo Total Articles: 25 | Total Views: 268766 | Points Scored: 281,266

City: Kolkata | State: West Bengal

About Me: I am a bachelor engineer in Biotechnology and currently pursuing masters and research.

Articles by Aritri Ghosh:
  • Control Mechanisms of Secretion of Classical Hormones ( 8531 reads)   

    Classical hormones are secreted from different glands and organs and they are controlled for proper functioning and development of our body. - Category: Biology
  • Applications of Immobilized Enzymes ( 17824 reads)   

    Immobilized enzymes are applied for various production process of biological substances in commercial way. A brief nature of the use of immobilized enzyme is discussed here - Category: Biotech Research
  • Classification of Hormones - A Brief Study ( 14928 reads)   

    Hormones are classified in different categories depending on different criteria such as place of origin, by chemical nature etc. - Category: Healthcare
  • Techniques Used for Immobilization of Enzymes ( 9455 reads)   

    The commonly employed techniques for immobilization of enzymes are adsorptions, entrapment, covalent binding and crosslinking. Enzyme immobiliztion has many advantages and it is done my many processes which are desciribed here, - Category: Biotech Research
  • A Brief Study of Commonly Used Antibiotics and Their Applications ( 4003 reads)   

    Antibiotics protect us from different diseases and infections. A detailed brief study of different antibiotics is given here. - Category: Healthcare
  • Commercial Production of Enzymes ( 16763 reads)   

    Enzymes are needed in many biological research work and for medicinal purposes in a great quantity. Commercial processes are thus used for bulk production of several enzymes. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Thyroidism - The Different States of Thyroid Hormone Action ( 2910 reads)   

    Thyroid hormone acts in three state, normal , low secretion and higher secretion. In abnormal secretion there is several abnormailty in physical feautres and health. - Category: Healthcare
  • Single Cell Protein - A Nutritive Food and Feed ( 9801 reads)   

    Single cell protein is microrganism derived protein compounds which is nutritive supplement for food and feed. It is a rich source of protein. Advantages and limitations of Single Cell Protein production. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Edible Mushrooms - Nutrition Value, Advantages and Production ( 6089 reads)   

    Mushrooms are considered in many part of the world as a delicious food ingredient. The production, and other information regarding mushrooms are included in this article. - Category: Agriculture
  • Somaclonal Variations - A Detailed Study ( 26879 reads)   

    Somaclonal variations are modern method of selecting and crossing plants to produce plantlets with desired traits. Advantages and disadvantages of Somaclonal Variations - Category: Agriculture
  • Succession Stages of Hydrosere ( 14903 reads)   

    This articles features the succession stages of hydrosere to mesic vegetation. Hydrosere is primary succession sequences which develop in aquatic environments such as lakes and ponds. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • The Climax Concept - Theories and Categories ( 19000 reads)   

    The climax is the ultimate step in ecological succession.This article features in theories of climx and categories of climax. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Succession Stages of Xerosere ( 19607 reads)   

    This articles features on how the xerosere succeeds to a tree stage forming a forest. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Self Incompatibility in Flowering Plants ( 9245 reads)   

    Self infertility or SI is a genetically controlled cell-cell recognition system that acts as a barrier to self fertilization in a wide range of flowering plants or angiosperms. It is defined as the inability of the plant producing functional gametes to set seed upon self pollination. - Category: Agriculture
  • Modern Methods For Selection of Plants With Better Characterisitcs ( 3679 reads)   

    Selection is a main procedure for choosing the plants with good traits and croos breeding them to produce new line of plants. - Category: Agriculture
  • Modern Plant Breeding Methods in Agriculture ( 9900 reads)   

    In modern agricultural fields several new methods are used for selecting and breeding plants with good traits for creating new plant line with high yeild and resistance to pests and disease. - Category: Agriculture
  • Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assays - Part 2 ( 6539 reads)   

    These are the assays to determine cell viability and cell cytotoxicity. The tests to determine the cell viability and cell cytotoxicity have a short term result as they identify the dead or live cells at the time of the assays. Many times when the cells are subjected to toxicity such as exposure to drugs, irradiation etc the effects are not immediate. The effects are observed after several hours or sometime after some days. The assays based on the survival of cells like retention of regenerative capacity or reproductive capacity is preferred. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assays - Part 1 ( 4839 reads)   

    Cell viability and cell cytotoxicity are determined by several assays.Some of them are listed here. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Biodegradable Plastics Production and Applications ( 12863 reads)   

    Biodegradable plastics are chemical compounds produced by plants which can be used as an alternative to plastics. they are environment friendly and biocompatible. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Application of DNA in Diagnosis of Different Diseases ( 6604 reads)   

    DNA engineering is being applied now a days for the detection of different diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, AIDS etc. - Category: DNA
  • Biosorptions - Toxic Waste Treatment by Microorganisms ( 5946 reads)   

    In biosorption, toxic metal wastes are extracted from waste water or industrial effluents. Process and microorganisms included. - Category: Applications
  • Bioleaching - Application of Biotechnology in Mining Industry ( 24982 reads)   

    Bioleaching is the process of using microorganisms in mining industry to extract metals in environment friendly and economical processes. - Category: Applications
  • Structural Protein Motifs - Four Major Regulatory Amino Acid Motifs ( 5334 reads)   

    Protein motifs are a cluster of amino acids that attach themselves to the DNA strand and regulate the gene expression. A vast range of specific protein-DNA interactions occur due to the role of four unique and major motifs. Helix-Turn-Helix (HTH), Zinc Finger, Leucine Zipper and Helix-Loop-Helix (HLH). - Category: DNA
  • Autoimmunity and Systemic Autoimmune Diseases - Examples Included ( 3413 reads)   

    Autoimmune diseases which are not organ specific rather they affect a wide range of organs and tissues. Autoimmunity was first described by Paul Ehlrich during the first of 20th century. - Category: Healthcare
  • Autoimmunity and Organ Specific Autoimmune Diseases ( 4729 reads)   

    Autoimmunity is the reaction among the self-reactive immune complexes which impairs normal immunologic action. When a organ or gland gets affected by autoimmune diseases the normal activities of the organ or gland is impaired. - Category: Healthcare

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