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Author: Bimrew Asmare

No Photo Total Articles: 2 | Total Views: 2941 | Points Scored: 3,941

City: Bahir Dar | State: Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

About Me: Instruct of Animal Nutrition , Department of Animal Production, and Technology, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia.

Articles by Bimrew Asmare:
  • Common Feed Additives in Animal Nutrition ( 1622 reads)   

    A range of feed additives, many of biotechnological origin, are known to modify rumen fermentation. These biotechnological products can help in improving animal feed its nutrients e.g. silage, biological treatment with microorganisms or through modifying the digestive and metabolic systems of the animals, i.e. modifying rumen ecosystem, to enable them to make better use of the available feeds. Therefore, supplementation of the diet as a means of improving nutritive value is becoming commonplace. The use of feed additives to improve post ingestion quality of feeds is on the verge of delivering practical benefits to animal production systems. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Potential of Biotechnology in Animal Feed Improvement in Developing Countries ( 1319 reads)   

    Demand for livestock products in the developing countries is increasing because of the increasing human population and change of lifestyle and hence productivity of animals needs to be increased through modern techniques like biotechnology. The major cause of poor livestock productivity in tropical regions of the world is inadequate nutrition... - Category: Biotechnology products

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