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Author: Dilruba Peya

Author Photo Total Articles: 25 | Total Views: 101163 | Points Scored: 113,663

City: Jessore | State: Khulna

About Me: I am an Environmental Scientist simply love to write.

Articles by Dilruba Peya:
  • Cloning in the Dairy Industry for Improving Dairy Production ( 3011 reads)   

    While the possibility for animals cloning has been realized for the last 25 years, this is only recently that adequate progresses have been made to permit the technology to move forward to a phase where it is potential that widespread commercial uses of cloning may turn into a reality in next few years. - Category: Genetics
  • Resource Recovery From Residential Solid Wastes ( 2024 reads)   

    Solid waste generation increases rapidly with the growth of population of different cities. It deteriorates the urban residential environment and causes for waste a lot of capital. Health hazard is a regular problem due to poor solid waste management. Environmentally safe and friendly resource recovery brings safety to the city dwellers by saving money. - Category: Others
  • Herbal Medicines For Cancer Treatment ( 2650 reads)   

    It is one of the most frequently applied complementary and alternative therapies by people with cancer. Several studies have proved that as many as seven out of ten person with cancer (70%) use herbal medicines alongside traditional cancer treatments. There are lots of different forms of herbal remedies and some of these overlap with foods. Frequently used plants include green tea, ginger etc. - Category: Healthcare
  • Fresh Vegetable Juice to Prevent Diseases ( 2718 reads)   

    Juicing can be a good technique to increase vegetable ingestion, since many people are drinking a glass of juice than taking the equivalent or more of raw vegetables. Avid juicers dispute fresh juices nutrition is an easier way for the body to take up. - Category: Healthcare
  • Micropropagation: Production of Quality Banana Planting ( 3768 reads)   

    Banana is a crop which has dual propagation abilities, asexual through suckers and sexual through seeds. Seed propagation is general in wild species that are diploid and go through normal meiosis, seed set and fertilization. The extent of seed set, dormancy and germinability relies on the species. - Category: Applications
  • Popular Applications of Bioinformatics ( 3176 reads)   

    Bioinformatics is the application of IT in biotechnology (BT) for data storage and analyzing DNA sequences. In Bioinformatics, the knowledge of various branches is needed like biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, & laws of physics, and certainly sound knowledge of IT field to analyze biotech data. - Category: Bioinformatics
  • Molecular Farming: Production of Vaccines in Plants ( 2534 reads)   

    Molecular farming is the latest technology that utilizes plants to produce large amounts of pharmaceutical materials such as antibodies and vaccines. It depends on the same process used to produce GM crops the artificial beginning of genes into plants. - Category: Agriculture
  • Bioweapons: A New Type of Weapons For Modern Warfare ( 3447 reads)   

    Bioterrorism is the application of a bioweapon against a civilian population. Its purposes include achieving political goals, creating chaos, or the undermining of morale. Bioweapons use toxins and microorganisms to create disease and death in humans, crops, and livestock. - Category: Bioinformatics
  • Side Effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy ( 4473 reads)   

    In the biggest clinical test to date, an estrogen-progestin pill combination (Prempro) increased the threat of certain severe conditions, including: blood clots, heart disease, stroke, breast cancer and more. A related clinical test evaluating only estrogen in women who earlier had a hysterectomy found no raised risk of heart disease or breast cancer. The risks of blood clots and stroke were para - Category: Issues
  • Drawbacks of Using Synthetic Hormones on Humans ( 5406 reads)   

    Synthetic hormones are hormones which are made, or synthesized, in a lab that are very close to but not identical to molecular structure and shape of the hormones generated within the body naturally. Women going through menopause frequently use artificial hormones for the hormone replacement therapy to fight symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness and mood swings caused by need of estrogen. - Category: Healthcare
  • Effects of Biogas Residues on Crop Production and Environment ( 3111 reads)   

    The amount of biogas slurry residues has increased significantly worldwide due to people interest in utilizing renewable energy. Biogas residues are generated from anaerobic degradation of various types of urban and rural organic garbage and have been recommended as bio-fertilizers because of its valuable macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients and high content of ammonium. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • The Role of GM Crops to Protect Climate Change ( 2570 reads)   

    Earth is a sustainable planet which produces life, sustenance, and shelter to billions of its residents, but the climate of the planet is changing and we must also change with that. To continue to get in the advantages of this planet's nourishment we have to discover ways and solutions to grow food that is able to brave the storm of climate change. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Production of Biogas From Pit Latrine Waste ( 5925 reads)   

    Biogas is the result of anaerobic digestion, breaking down of organic matter in absence of the air. This gas is rich in methane gas and can be utilized as a fuel for generating electricity, cooking and lighting. Anaerobic digestion occurs in what is familiar as a digester. - Category: Applications
  • 'Clean' Technology: Reduction of Pollution at Source ( 1974 reads)   

    The processes by which waste or pollution may be managed at source are varied. These may involve changes in methods or technology, alteration in raw materials employed or a complete reformation of procedures. Commonly speaking, biotechnological interferences are predominantly limited to the earlier aspects, although they may also show instrumental in allowing procedural change. The major areas in which biological processes may be related fall into three broad classes, such as process changes, biological control and bio-substitutions. - Category: Applications
  • Environmental Biotechnology: Role and Scope ( 8682 reads)   

    While pharmaceutical biotechnology signifies the stunning end of market, environmental uses are particularly more in Cinderella mould. The causes for this are quite obvious. The prospect of a treatment for the many conditions and diseases presently assured by gene therapy and several biotech-oriented medical miracles can possibly touch all of us. Our lives may, quite accurately, be altered. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Transgenic Crops: Possible Risks to Agriculture and Environment ( 1992 reads)   

    Some environmentalists and consumers feel that insufficient attempt has been made to realize the risks in the application of the transgenic crops, including their probable long-term adverse impacts. Some environmental and consumer-advocate organizations have demanded abandonment of genetic engineering development and research. - Category: Agriculture
  • Nanotechnology For Medical Treatment ( 2379 reads)   

    Ill health and disease are caused largely by damage at the molecular and cellular level. Today's surgical instruments are, at this scale, crude and large. From the point of view of a cell, yet a sharp scalpel is a blunt tool more suitable to injure and tear than cure and heal. Modern surgery works alone because body cells have an outstanding capability to recover, bury their dead and cure over the injury. - Category: Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology in Leather Production ( 4327 reads)   

    The use of biotechnology allows a lot of benefits for industries. Some benefits are: commonly the biotechnological processes or reactions occur at low atmospheric pressure and at low temperatures; the procedure has a high space-time product, and renewable components. - Category: Applications
  • Misuse of Antibiotics Puts You and Your Family in Danger ( 2616 reads)   

    Antibiotic resistance arises when antibiotics no longer show its activity against disease-causing or infectious bacteria. These infections are complex to treat and can create longer lasting sicknesses, extended hospital stays or more doctor visits, and the requirement for more toxic and expensive medications. Some resistant illnesses can even cause death. - Category: Issues
  • Future Possibilities For GM Food ( 2409 reads)   

    Genetically modified foods - It is very important to acknowledge that technology and science alone cannot completely mitigate the debate of GM food, but technology and science can play vital roles, and may launch new scopes. Because it appears as if Genetically Modified foods are at this point to stay, what we have to continue to develop is a food system which allows for production and trade of both non-GM foods and GM foods. - Category: Agriculture
  • Pollution Control Through Microbial Processes ( 6731 reads)   

    Often the decision is to dissolve pollutant in the water, which is then matter to bioremediation by the bacteria. On the other hand, there is opportunity for future improvement of a complementary solution using the fact that several species of yeast can produce aerial hyphae that may be capable to metabolize complex and compound materials straightforwardly from the air. - Category: Applications
  • Biological Waste Treatment: A Process of Purification ( 2136 reads)   

    Biological Waste Treatment effectively means the decomposition and breakdown of the biological waste by microbes to generate a bulk-reduced, stable material, during which method the complex and compound organic molecules formerly present are converted into simple molecules. This process makes them available for recycling in a wider range. - Category: Applications
  • Cloning: The Pros and Cons ( 17323 reads)   

    When the first cloned animal, Dolly, beat the news, the most eyes popped-out in complete disbelief. Cloning was only the matter of scientific discussion few years ago and no one yet imagined it would soon turn into a reality. Ever since it became a prospect, pros and cons of cloning have been passionately debated over on ethical, moral and technical grounds. - Category: Others
  • Stem Cell Transplant For Multiple Myeloma Treatment ( 2419 reads)   

    Stem cell transplantation means the transfuse stem cells like medication into the patient's body and those will restore the damaged organs and tissue cells in order to manage diseases. This treatment does not change function and structure of the original organs and tissues, but it can recognize the unpredicted effects that other treatment method cannot achieve. It will not cause the immunological - Category: Stem Cells
  • Silver Nanoparticles: Toxic or Not ( 3362 reads)   

    The scientists want to discover if silver nanoparticles, well-known for its bacteria-fighting ability, successfully support against bacteria found in waste water treatment plants. The materials enter sewage systems directly through the washing of cloths and hands after people have handled or managed the nanotechnology-enhanced products. Those products include clothing, bandages, car wax, cosmetics - Category: Others

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