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Author: Dr. Ajinath Dukare

No Photo Total Articles: 2 | Total Views: 572 | Points Scored: 1,572

City: Abohar | State: Punjab, India

About Me: I am working as scientist(Microbiology) at Horticultural Crop Processing Division, ICAR- CIPHET, Abohar,Punjab.

Articles by Dr. Ajinath Dukare:
  • Bacterial Candidates for Disease Suppression in Agro-Horticultural Crops ( 238 reads)   

    Antagonistic bacteria present a highly efficient, environmentally compatible and economical method for biological control of phytopathogenic diseases. Plant rhizosphere associated microorganisms often provide the first barrier against plant pathogens which attack the plant roots. Multiple traits of bacteria like secretion of antifungal metabolites (antibiotics, volatile compounds), competition for nutrients and space, mycoparasitism, production of cell wall lytic enzymes and /or induced systemic resistance are involved in biological disease suppression - Category: Microbiology
  • Microbe Assisted Management of Post-Harvest Horticultural Produce ( 334 reads)   

    In the area of post-harvest losses management, microorganism finds better application in biocontrol of post-harvest diseases, conversion of fruits and vegetables waste through microbe mediated composting, utilization of these waste as a raw substrate for production of value added products such as bioenergy, single cell protein, organic acids, pigments biopolymer, organic fertilizers and biomass. Thus, tiny microbe could be suitable entities for efficient post-harvest management of horticultural produce - Category: Microbiology

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