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Author: Dr. J. Vanitha

No Photo Total Articles: 2 | Total Views: 1539 | Points Scored: 2,539

City: Salem | State: Tamil Nadu, India

About Me: I am a assistant professor at Sethu bhaskara agricultural college and research foundation

Articles by Dr. J. Vanitha:
  • Automation in Plant Tissue Culture ( 1028 reads)   

    The plant tissue culture or micropropagation is a method of propagating disease-free clonal plants. With the progressive development of more efficient and cheaper automated systems, cost effectiveness of the systems will improve and the cost of plantlets somatic seedlings will be reduced. - Category: Agriculture
  • Role of Microrna in Plant Stress Response ( 511 reads)   

    Plant growth and development are attenuated during stress but relatively little is known about how this is achieved at the molecular level. miRNAs recognize their mRNA targets based on imperfect sequence complementary and suppress expression of the target gene by guiding degradation and/or translational repression of the cognate mRNA target. In addition to discussing recent findings that have enhanced our understanding of the role of miRNAs during stress, this topic highlights the importance of miRNAs that have emerged as molecular links between modulation of plant growth and development. - Category: Agriculture

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