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Author: Farah Mahboob

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City: Riyadh | State: -

About Me: I'm a Bioinformatics graduate and I enjoy reading and writing.

Articles by Farah Mahboob:
  • DNA Sequencing: Maxam Gilbert Method ( 42094 reads)   

    When DNA's double helical structure was discovered by Watson and Crick, scientists entered a race to sequence the human genome. Among the first techniques developed for DNA sequencing was the Maxam Gilbert method developed in 1973. - Category: Biotech Research
  • How Can Computers Read DNA? ( 3793 reads)   

    Ever wondered how that thread like DNA got into your computer? How do scientists analyze it and programmers make robust and sophisticated algorithms that can read the whole Human genome. If you want an answer to all your questions read on and find out how its done. - Category: Genetics
  • Starting From the Basics: DNA Extraction ( 9494 reads)   

    Want to know how DNA is extracted? Listed is a simple procedure of DNA extraction plus some interesting and important facts about DNA. - Category: Biology

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