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Author: K. Prasad

Author Photo Total Articles: 3 | Total Views: 4687 | Points Scored: 6,187

City: New Delhi | State: Delhi, India

About Me: Ph.D. Research Scholar, Division of Postharvest Technology, IARI New Delhi- 110012

Articles by K. Prasad:
  • Harvesting Commercial Cut Flowers ( 2331 reads)   

    Being a very delicate horticultural commodity flower crops require lot of care during harvesting and handling. As the grade and quality of flowers is highly affected by its appearance thus it is must to manage properly the factors which reduces their postharvest life. There are several factors which affects their quality but this sequence of deterioration starts from the point of harvesting. Improper harvesting stage should be avoided and this can be only done when farmers knows about the right stage of harvesting - Category: Agriculture
  • Packaging Techniques for Improving Shelf Life of Dry Flowers ( 1377 reads)   

    Dry flowers occupies one of the major marketing section of floriculture industry. Dry flowers have a longer shelf life than fresh flower but they also deteriorate if not managed properly, this article is all about the postharvest packaging and management of dry flowers so that their deterioration factors can be minimized and postharvest life can be thus further extended. - Category: Agriculture
  • Flowers Diversity- A Source of Antioxidants for Human Health ( 979 reads)   

    Flowers being rich source of antioxidants are boon to protect our health from various diseases. This article is a short overview about antioxidants, their role in human health and how flowers act as a source of them. - Category: Agriculture

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