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Author: Lisa Opdycke

Author Photo Total Articles: 4 | Total Views: 10213 | Points Scored: 12,213

City: New York | State: USA

About Me: Lisa completed her coursework in Human, Biology, Health, & Society at Cornell University in 2011. She received her Bachelor of Science with honors. Lisa will be attending Brown University's Master of Public Public program.

Articles by Lisa Opdycke:
  • Are Probiotics the Cure for Digestive, Mental & Neurological Disorders? ( 3193 reads)   

    A study published in the June edition of Gastroenterology presents the first evidence that dietary probiotics may modulate human brain activity. Healthy women underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging before and after a yogurt regimen in order to measure brain response during emotion-recognition tasks. Study participants who consumed probiotic yogurt experienced neuro-connectivity changes. - Category: Biology
  • The Peril of Over-Interpreting Correlations ( 2510 reads)   

    The American public is acquiring more and more health knowledge thanks to the plethora of information available on the web. Consequently, the average person is more aware of scientific breakthroughs, despite their actual understanding of study findings or implications is slim. However, little in the scientific community has changed in response to larger, more diverse viewership... - Category: Healthcare
  • The Leap: Deciding to Go to Graduate School ( 2322 reads)   

    Deciding to apply to graduate school is not an easy decision or one that people should take lightly, after all it is an expensive decision. Based upon my decision to apply to graduate programs, I offer some advice for undergraduate students and individuals considering a graduate degree. - Category: College and Education
  • NYU Finds a Link Between ADHD and Obesity ( 2188 reads)   

    A study published in this week's Pediatrics revealed that a link exists between childhood ADHD and obesity. The study, conducted by the Child Study Center at NYU Langone Medical Center, followed men diagnosed with childhood ADHD for a 33 year period. This connection strengthens previously held hypotheses about ADHD and obesity causation from similar neuropathic dysfunction. - Category: Genetics

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