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Author: Madhu Choudhary

No Photo Total Articles: 5 | Total Views: 505 | Points Scored: 3,005

City: Jaipur | State: Rajasthan, India

About Me: I have completed M.Sc. (Ag.) degree from S.K.N. Agriculture University, Jobner.

Articles by Madhu Choudhary:
  • Breeding for Resistance to Mineral Deficiency ( 88 reads)   

    Twenty percent arable land affect by abiotic stresses in India, therefore, it is necessary to develop resistant genotypes. Genotypes that show markedly lower detrimental effects of mineral deficiency than do other genotypes of the same species are called mineral deficiency resistant genotypes. - Category: Agriculture
  • Diallel Analysis and its Applications in Plant Breeding [PDF] ( 115 reads)   

    Diallel analysis techniques are extensively used in crop improvement programmes for evaluating inbred lines in terms of genetic components of variation and evaluate several single crosses at a time. - Category: Agriculture
  • Release of New Varieties of Crops ( 105 reads)   

    The release of new varieties are based on conclusive demonstration of the superiority over the best existing varieties in yield ability or in some other feature, therefore, new strains are extensively evaluated for performance, disease resistance and quality etc. in multilocation trials. - Category: Agriculture
  • Production of Synthetic Varieties [PDF] ( 110 reads)   

    Synthetic varieties have been of great value in the breeding of those cross-pollinated crops where pollination control is difficult and these are good reservoirs of genetic variability. Farmers can use the grains produced from a synthetic variety as seed to raise the next crop. - Category: Agriculture
  • Quality Seed Production ( 87 reads)   

    The seeds of improved varieties must be produced in sufficient quantities to make them available to the farmers. The seed is any part or organ of the plant which has capability to regenerate a new plant. Production of high quality seed requires isolation and seed crop cultivation. - Category: Agriculture

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