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Author: Megha Kaushik

No Photo Total Articles: 3 | Total Views: 10487 | Points Scored: 11,987

City: New Delhi | State: Delhi, India

About Me: Pursuing in biotech from Jayoti Vidyapeeth Womens's Univ. Jaipur and currently doing dissertation National Institute on Plant Biotechnology, Pusa.

Articles by Megha Kaushik:
  • Brassica Juncea (Indian mustard) - Characterstics and Uses ( 7977 reads)   

    Brassica Juncea (Indian mustard) is an annual growing perennial herb which is amphidiploid with a chromosome number of 18.It is highly variable species which is cultivated since centuries as a vegetable and oil plant. It had various medicinal and therapeutic uses. - Category: Agriculture
  • Transgenic Mice ( 1319 reads)   

    Transgene is a term use for the foreign DNA which has been transferred either naturally or by artificial insertion methods like microinjection, retrovirus mediated gene transfer etc. These are generally created either to be used as disease model or for human benefits. - Category: Applications
  • Stem the Research - Stall the Recovery - [ PDF ] ( 1191 reads)   

    Stem cell is a type of cell that posses the capability of self renewal and have potential to differentiate into variety of cell types. Depending on the origin they are divided into embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells which are further divided into haematopoietic stem cell, mesenchymal stem cells, neural stem cells, mammary stem cells and intestinal Stem cells. These stem cells show potential approach for human benefits in repairing the damaged tissues while maintaining their differentiated stage. - Category: Agriculture

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