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Author: Noah Machuki

Author Photo Total Articles: 2 | Total Views: 8680 | Points Scored: 9,680

City: NAIROBI | State: Kenya

About Me: I am a professional microbiologist having a Bsc in microbiology and biotechnology

Articles by Noah Machuki:
  • Benefits of in-vitro meat ( 5769 reads)   

    In vitro meat refers to animal muscle tissue that scientists grow in a controlled environment in the laboratories. It is also referred to as cultured meat or test tube meat. - Category: Applications
  • Metabolic Profiling and its Relevance ( 2911 reads)   

    What is Metabolic Profiling? Metabolism is the bio-chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life. Metabolic profiling is defined as the use of analytical methods in measurement and interpretation of various endogenous low molecular weight and intermediates from their samples. - Category: Applications

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