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Author: Parth Malik

No Photo Total Articles: 4 | Total Views: 9522 | Points Scored: 11,522

City: Karnal | State: Haryana

About Me: I am atechnical post graduate, well versed in Biotechnology and Nanotechnology. Looking to contribute towrds the development of technology exploiting biotechnology.

Articles by Parth Malik:
  • Curcumin: Abilities and Bottlenecks ( 2196 reads)   

    About Curcumin, its protective abilities and actions, structural existence, bioavailability aspects and anticancer effect mechanism. - Category: Healthcare
  • Nanotoxicology : The Surprising Small Scale Threat. ( 2189 reads)   

    Article highlights the risk and precautions regarding the increasing use of nanomaterials, the threats which go unnoticed and unattended and are threatening to both nature as well as biodiversity. - Category: Nanotechnology
  • UPR and its Consequences in Protein Maturation ( 2250 reads)   

    About the bioenergetics and biochemical activities related to protein synthesis happening within the endoplasmic reticulum. (UPR - Unfolded protein response) - Category: Healthcare
  • Nanotechnology - Hopes and Hypes ( 2887 reads)   

    Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the budding fields of physical sciences which highlight the key concept of miniaturization. The breakthrough was given by physicist Feynmann. Further the advent of microscopic techniques unveiled a new face of this field of sciences. - Category: Nanotechnology

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