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Author: Praveen Kumar Mishra

Author Photo Total Articles: 5 | Total Views: 5185 | Points Scored: 7,685

City: Bahraich | State: U.P. (INDIA)

About Me: Ph.D. Scholar Horticulture(Pomology) Bihar Agricultural University,Sabour, Bhagalpur, Bihar-India

Articles by Praveen Kumar Mishra:
  • Significance of Bio-fertilizer in Fruit Production ( 1091 reads)   

    Bio-fertilizers are beneficial microorganisms which help in improvement and retaining the soil fertility with enhanced physico-chemical attributes of the fruits. The efficient consumption of bio-fertilizers provides economic benefits to the growers by minimizing the cost of chemical fertilizer involved in fruit production. - Category: Agriculture
  • Intellectual Property Right in Fruit Crops ( 688 reads)   

    IPR provides legal restrictions for use of new invention/ technology /developments and provides an avenue for royalties to the inventors with their permission. Such type of protection would be always beneficial, both to producers and consumers and also help in sustainable food security. - Category: Agriculture
  • Role of Geographical Indication in Fruit Crops ( 867 reads)   

    Geographical indication (GI) is a name or indication used for identifying specific trait/quality/reputation of goods specific to geographical region, locality or origin. The popular fruit cultivars can be conserved under GI to avail economic prosperity of producers in their geographical territory. - Category: Agriculture
  • Role of Protected Cultivation in Fruit Crops ( 1682 reads)   

    Protected cultivation (PC) is climate control production systems to minimise the chemical, pesticides residue in pomological produce. PC system offers great scope to produce organic fruit, minimize insect pest incidence, avoid fruit cracking, prevent frost injury, hardening of tissue culture as well as cuttings budded layered and grafted plants. - Category: Agriculture
  • Nutritional Food Security Through Organic Horticulture ( 857 reads)   

    Mostly fruits and vegetables are produced by the farmers but their family members particularly children's are affected from essential nutrient components. Organic cultivation are sustainable, environmental friendly and nutritionally superior. Therefore a need of organic horticulture production mainly fruits and vegetables for ensuring nutritional food security. Organic production gives not only quality horticulture produce but also helps in conserve the natural resources, resolve ecological troubles with the reduction of soil, air and water pollution. - Category: Agriculture

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