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Author: RAMESH S.V

No Photo Total Articles: 2 | Total Views: 6838 | Points Scored: 7,838

City: Indore | State: Madhya Pradesh

About Me: I am a scientist biotechnology working in the broad area of soybean improvement using molecular biology and biotechnology tools

Articles by RAMESH S.V:
  • Soybean Biotechnology: An Outlook ( 3807 reads)   

    The article provides a bird eye view on soybean biotechnology and molecular biology research and achievements world over. The hugely successful genetic modifications of soybean coupled with genome sequecing project by Department of energy-Joint genome initiative (DOE-JGI) with potential implications for biofuel exploitation of the crop makes it one of the most loved species by crop biotechnologist - Category: Agriculture
  • Roundup Ready Soybean: A Success Story of Biotechnology and Concerns Associated ( 3031 reads)   

    Round up Ready soybean is a genetically modified soybean crop accomplished with the aid of biotechnological tools for effective gene isolation from an un-related species and incorporation techniques in to soybean. The article discusses the modus operandi of the transgenic generation, biosafety issues associated with it. - Category: Agriculture

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