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Author: Rajesh Kumar Sharma

Author Photo Total Articles: 5 | Total Views: 4429 | Points Scored: 6,929

City: New Delhi | State: New Delhi

About Me: PhD student of seed science and technology at IARI, New Delhi

Articles by Rajesh Kumar Sharma:
  • Plant Growth Regulators (PGR): Cornerstone in modern cucurbit hybrid seed production ( 894 reads)   

    Cucurbit crops are insect pollinated, and the introduction of honey bee colonies into cucurbit seed production fields is an essential step for success. However, isolation is required to prevent out crossing, both for open pollinated cultivars and hybrid cucurbit seeds. Understanding the role of phytohormones and growth regulators in sex expression of cucurbits has greatly facilitated hybrid seed production. Application of the correct PGR at the appropriate time and concentration is a cornerstone in modern cucurbit seed production. - Category: Agriculture
  • Seed Industry Consolidation: A Recent Trend in Seed Industry Development ( 918 reads)   

    Commercial seed industry has transformed dramatically and shifted from a competitive sector of agribusiness, composed primarily of small, family-owned firms, to an industry dominated by a small number of transnational pharmaceutical/chemical corporations. Consolidation is associated with a number of impacts that constrain the opportunities for renewable agriculture. - Category: Agriculture
  • Viability Loss During Transportation and Interim Storage ( 757 reads)   

    Seed viability refers to state of being aliveness, metabolically active and possesses enzymes capable of catalyzing metabolic reactions needed for germination and seedling growth. High and fluctuating temperatures and adverse humidity are the chief causes of viability losses during shipment. Interim storage is a temporary storage before the permanent storage and chances of unfavorable environmental condition and attack of pest and disease during interim storage causes the loss of viability. - Category: Agriculture
  • Manipulation for Achieving Flowering Synchrony for Hybrid Seed Production ( 849 reads)   

    In the hybrid seed production, seed yield and its quality attributes can be increased through proper synchronization of flowering of parental lines and optimum female to male parental rows. Synchronization in flowering assumes greater importance as the seed set on female parent depends on the amount of pollen supplied from the male parent. Failure to obtain proper synchronization is the most commonly encountered problem in hybrid seed production, resulting in very poor or no seed set at all. - Category: Agriculture
  • The Role of Seed Coat in Seed Longevity and Viability ( 1011 reads)   

    The seed coat acting a central role in seed longevity because it provides the primary defense against harmful microorganisms as well as unfavorable environmental conditions. Cracked seed coats permits electrolyte leakage, which encourages the growth of microorganisms. Weak seed coat structures also permits rapid water uptake, leading to imbibitional injury. Phenolc compounds in seed coat contribute to seed hardness and inhibition of microorganism's growth. - Category: Agriculture

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