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Author: Ravi Kumawat

No Photo Total Articles: 4 | Total Views: 446 | Points Scored: 2,446

City: Jaipur | State: Rajasthan, India

About Me: I am pursuing Ph. D from MPUAT, Udaipur

Articles by Ravi Kumawat:
  • Production of Synthetic Seed ( 126 reads)   

    Synthetic seed is an effective and efficient alternate method of seed production and availability that has developed new vista in agriculture. - Category: Agriculture
  • Seed Quality Enhancement Techniques ( 119 reads)   

    Seed is the basic input for agriculture. Seed is treated to enhance seed longevity, establish optimum and uniform plant population of healthy plants with reduced seed rate. - Category: Agriculture
  • Seed Treatment and Quality Measures ( 111 reads)   

    Improvement in shelf life of the seed, protection of seed during germination, seedling establishment and improvement in the vigour of seedling and plant with chemical or physical treatment - Category: Agriculture
  • Seed Processing and Grading ( 90 reads)   

    Improvement in the physical quality of seed lot by removal of undesirable material and upgrading of seed quality through removal of damaged and undersized seed by mechanical devices with highest efficiency is defined as seed processing. It involves drying, pre-conditioning, basic cleaning and grading. - Category: Agriculture

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