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Author: Varun Kumar Badaya

No Photo Total Articles: 2 | Total Views: 913 | Points Scored: 1,913

City: Udaipur | State: Rajasthan, India

About Me: I am currently pursuing Ph.D in Plant Breeding and Genetics from RCA, MPUA&T, Udaipur, Rajasthan (INDIA)

Articles by Varun Kumar Badaya:
  • Prospects of Maize in India as a Source of Edible Oil ( 473 reads)   

    Maize is known as queen of cereals because of its high genetic yield potential. Maize oil is considered to be one of the most qualitative plant oils for human food. Corn having oil content of more than 6% is called high oil corn. - Category: Agriculture
  • Improvement of Quality Protein in Maize ( 440 reads)   

    Maize is a major cereal crop for both livestock feed and human nutrition but it contains smaller amounts of lysine and tryptophan. QPM possesses almost double quantity of lysine and tryptophan than the normal maize because of opaque endosperm which increase the proportion of non-zein protein fraction that is rich in lysine and tryptophan. - Category: Agriculture

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