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Author: Vikram Yogi

No Photo Total Articles: 4 | Total Views: 2291 | Points Scored: 4,291

City: New Delhi | State: Delhi, India

About Me: I am a 3rd year agriculture student at IARI, New Delhi pursuing Ph.D in Agricultural Economics

Articles by Vikram Yogi:
  • Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana - A way to secure Farm Income ( 207 reads)   

    The continued dependence on nature makes crop production vulnerable to numerous risks. In order to protect farmers against such risks, including crop failure due to natural calamities, pest and diseases and weather conditions, two major crop insurance schemes, namely National Crop Insurance Programme with its three component schemes: Modified National Agricultural Insurance Scheme(MNAIS); Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme(WBCIS); and (iii)Coconut Palm Insurance Scheme, and National Agricultural Insurance Schemes(NAIS) are being implemented by the government. - Category: Agriculture
  • Virtual Water Trade from India ( 228 reads)   

    Water is one of the most important inputs to agricultural production. Water is embodied in all products to a greater or lesser degree, but the amount used in production generally exceeds the embodied water. The supply of water to agriculture could be from natural sources, rain or through irrigation. The total amount of water from all sources used to produce a crop and the water embodied in the crop together referred to as Virtual water. Water is a scarce good and thus should be treated economically. - Category: Agriculture
  • Labour Scarcity and its Implication in India [PDF] ( 469 reads)   

    Indian agriculture is the primary sector which has employed a major portion of its total workforce since a long way ago. However, during 2004-2012 not only share of agriculture in total employment is declined from 56.7% to 48.8% but also a significant decline (30.57 million) can be seen in absolute number of people employed in the agricultural sector. The states having higher share of agricultural workforce shifted i.e. Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab also having more area under labour intensive crops i.e. paddy, wheat, cotton, groundnut, sugarcane. Hence India's goal of food security is under serious threat. Better employment opportunities, higher wages and other incentives in non-agricultural sector, the growth of urbanization and some government sponsored schemes like MGNREGA were the major factors responsible for the recent changes. Its impact on agriculture can be seen in terms of reduction in crop yield and cropping intensity and changes in traditional cropping pattern. Labour scarcity is associated with some other problems also like increased farm wages thereby increased cost of cultivation and prices of output which is directly contributing to the food inflation - Category: Agriculture
  • Farm Mechanization in India ( 1387 reads)   

    The technological improvements in Indian agriculture since mid sixties have brought about revolutionary increase in agricultural production. The country was facing acute food shortages till eighties has now become not only self sufficient but also a net exporter of food grains. This has been made possible due to evolution of high yielding crop varieties, increased use of chemical fertilizers, development of irrigation facilities and plant protection measures accompanied by effective price support programmes of farm products. The increased use of purchased inputs in agriculture necessitated to raise their use efficiencies though mechanization. The productivity of farms depends greatly on the availability and judicious use of farm power by the farmers. Agricultural implements and machines enable the farmers to employ the power judiciously for production purposes. Agricultural machines increase productivity of land and labour by meeting timeliness of farm operations and increase work out-put per unit time. Besides its paramount contribution to the multiple cropping and diversification of agriculture, mechanization also enables efficient utilization of inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and irrigation water. - Category: Agriculture

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