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Author: anisha kathpalia

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  • Antibiotics Vs Probiotics ( 8492 reads)   

    The various diseases caused by different pathogens are generally treated with the help of antibiotics which are sometimes accompanied by a number of side effects.So a new class of biotechnology products known as PROBIOTICS came.They are the live microbe or friendly bacteria ,as they improve the intestinal balance of the host & can be used with conventional medicine with least side effects. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Personalized Medicine: Customised Medicines For Your Specific Genes! ( 3306 reads)   

    Each individual is unique. This uniqueness is due to the difference in our genetic makeup. These variations affect our health and susceptibility to a disease. So why use the same medicine or treatment for everyone? This introduces the concept of personalized medicine which means developing medicines based on the genetic characters of the people. This is still a concept, but will be a reality soon!!! - Category: Bioinformatics
  • Impact of Whole Genome Sequencing ( 4827 reads)   

    Whole genome sequencing is determining the sequence of the entire genome of an organism.Different organism's genomes have been sequenced including that of human.Different bionformatics tools & databases are used for browsing & analysing the genome sequences.This whole genome sequence has helped in different aspects of biotechnology including disease diagnosis,crop improvement,cancer research etc - Category: Bioinformatics

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