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Bioinformatics Application in Nanotechnology

BY: Muniba Safdar | Category: Bioinformatics | Submitted: 2010-07-06 17:12:52
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Article Summary: "Research in the life sciences today has entered a markedly nanoscale period, where the continuous attempt is in trying to achieve insight into living systems through their molecular function and subsequent coordinated activity..."

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Research in the life sciences today has entered a markedly nanoscale period, where the continuous attempt is in trying to achieve insight into living systems through their molecular function and subsequent coordinated activity. This understanding is the hastily evolving field of nanoscale biological engineering, variously known as nanobiological engineering, biological nanotechnology, bionanotechnology or nanobiotechnology.

Bioinformatics has helped us to work in various technologies. Bioinformatics and Nanotechnology are intrinsically engineering disciplines. Its application in the field of nanotechnology has opened up new gates for the development of nanomaterials. This emerging field will help achieving the goal of building ultimate pathogen and detects them on the basis of their nucleic acid sequences.

In nanotechnology we can deliver drugs through nano size vehicles. Researchers are trying to develop nanoparticle size of molecules that can deliver drugs directly to diseased cells in our body. For example, we can deliver anticancerous drugs via nano size particles which have been integrated in adenovirus which quickly multiplies in cancerous cells to destroy them. Nanotechnology convergence holds great pledge for molecular diagnosis and individualized therapy of cancer and other human diseases.

It also helped us to block the cancer channels (blood vessels) to stop their nutrition and cancerous cells can be starving to death. Similarly, by studying not only human genomes we can discover many interesting regions in different organisms which can be used to make a nanodevice for cancer destruction though biocomputing skills.

It is critical to apply nanotechnology to the development of new materials and new techniques that can be utilized for the development of suitable sample preparation steps, such as extraction, concentration, and isolation. Combining this with rapid, portable, highly sensitive, specific, yet inexpensive detection technology will allow us to overcome challenges we encounter today in pathogen detection.


Nanotechnology is critical in the development of new bioanalytical tools that will help achieving the goal of building the ultimate pathogen sensor for the consumer and first responder.
Recent advances have made in biomarker discovery, biocomputing and nanotechnology that has raised new opportunities in the rising fields of personalized medicine and predictive medicine (in which genetic and molecular information is used to predict disease development, progression and clinical outcome). Recent developments in nanotechnology are enabling biologists to address fundamental questions about how proteins function.

Researchers are trying to develop erudition in the region of the application of nanotechnology and bioinformatics in the areas of agricultural, food and environmental engineering. The junction of nanotechnology has devised a way for mergers between industries. The future may see a confederation between pharmaceutical and nanotechnology or computing firms, in areas of research and IT capabilities. There may be alliances between pharmaceutical, software and very strong marketing firms. This technology might create fantastic opportunities in the area of research. Nanotechnology could very soon bystander the entry of computing and telecommunication firms also. In the future, this technology and the information will enable us to fabricate man-made devices on the molecular scale.

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aneeqa fayyaz
2010-07-07 03:30:05 24
good work i really like your article keep it up!

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