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A Proteomic Road to Acquire Improvement in Crop Productivity [PDF]

BY: Vinay Sharma | Category: Biotech-Research | Submitted: 2017-03-28 10:18:57
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Article Summary: "The contribution of proteomic studies to our understanding of stress response mechanisms in different plant organs and tissues. The resilience of crop plants in the context of climate changes is absolutely essential to reach significant achievements in genomics-driven breeding of major crops for high productivity and stress tole.."

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A Proteomic Road to Acquire Improvement in Crop Productivity

Genomics is the field of genetics that attempts to understand the content, organisation, function and evolution of genetic information contained in whole genome. Large-scale genome projects have greatly changed the face of biology. Genomics has often been referred to as a new field that has led to a paradigm shift in the way science is performed. By taking full advantage of the vast amount of sequencing data, it has become possible to look at biology in a different way (Varshney et al vol 1, Springer (2007)). Meanwhile the genomic era has undergone a transformation in modern post-genomic times. Nowadays researchers do not need to approach biological questions in a hypothesis-driven way but instead can collect and analyse data in a more non-biased and broader fashion (Rounsley and Briggs 1999; Brent 2000). New types of scientific questions can be asked and new kinds of experiments can be performed at an unprecedented pace. Recent technological advances and the rapid development of novel tools now permit the interrogation of a complete genome all at once and in a single experiment.

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