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Company Summary of Ranbaxy Laboratories - Products and Achievements

BY: Online Authors | Category: Healthcare | Submitted: 2013-08-14 19:07:01
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Article Summary: "When it comes to the best companies using the techniques of biotech in their products then the name of Ranbaxy laboratories are sure to cross the mind. Ranbaxy laboratories are a leading pharmaceutical company located in India. This company was incorporated in the year 1961 and since then has created its own market reputation an.."

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When it comes to the best companies using the techniques of biotech in their products then the name of Ranbaxy laboratories are sure to cross the mind. Ranbaxy laboratories are a leading pharmaceutical company located in India. This company was incorporated in the year 1961 and since then has created its own market reputation and image in a very broad manner.

A little peek in the history will reveal that originally this company was started in the year 1937 as a distributor branch for a Japanese company. But, with passing years it emerged as one of the leading multinational companies in the world market and also plays a major role in the field of biotech. Also, not only in India but this company has opened its branches in all over the world including countries like Russia, Japan, Egypt, China, etc.

The Ranbaxy laboratories are mainly renowned for its wide range of products covering various areas regarding the human health or more precisely the medical field. The main areas of experiments or work for this company are therapy area, nutritional area, and area of pain management, urology and central nervous systems are also in this list. Other than these the areas like anti-infective, cardiovascular, diabetics and dermatology are also included. Another field in which this company has shown its strong presence is the NDDS or Novel Drug Delivery Segment. This company has shown a considerable progress when it comes to the field of research and development in biotech which are used in their array of medical products to bring a better future in the human world.

The Array of Products

The range of products manufactured by the Ranbaxy laboratories in the field of medicine is not only huge but they are also of top graded quality. The products are prepared in such an environment which is highly scientific and only with those medicinal ingredients which are of very good quality. The main motto or aim of this company is to produce and distribute the quality product but at an affordable price range. They have their presence all over the world and in reality they also market their products in a very considerable rate and the products are also of standard quality.

As mentioned earlier that this company has its branches all over the world so the products manufactured by this company are also fully approved by the various medical regulatory bodies of different countries. Thus, they have no doubt those products which are at par with the global quality standards. Their manufacturing facilities have the approval of the global medicinal regulatory bodies of Europe, Africa, Latin America, United States of America and Asia Pacific.

The Ranbaxy laboratories manufacture and distribute different kinds of items. The main branch of products manufactured and marketed by the company contains Generics, OTC or Over the counter products, Intermediates, Differential products, Anti Retroviral or the ARVs and the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients or the APIs.

The rage of production by this company is not only big but huge. They manufacture and market over five hundred molecules and their combinations. They have a various range of multiple dosage forms. This helps in catering to the needs and the requirements of the patient in a much better and constructive manner. Not only this but they have also shown their excellence when it comes to the products in the field of therapy. They provide the world with the innovator as well as generic products.

They have their presence in over one hundred and fifty countries which continuously helps them in improving their standers both locally and globally. They are indulged in continuous research in providing a better response to the local treatment in one hand, and, on the other hand they are keen on providing a fine medicinal solution which meets the needs and the requirements of the global standard.

Research and Development

When it comes to a biotech pharmaceutical company then the most common thing that is expected from it is to have a well built research and development team who are capable enough to produce and invent novel products which will help the human world to move a step further towards a better future.

The Ranbaxy laboratories keeping the very basic point in mind have developed such a team of scientists and researchers who are not only highly qualified but have a zeal to create something new and to help in making this world a better place. They have over thirty years of experience in this field of work and it is needless to say that they are extremely proficient.

The team of research and development in this company are extremely creative and that helps them to come up with those products which are unique and are quite effective in helping people from all over the world. They are always in a continuous process of creating those kinds of products which are safe, environmentally friendly, innovative, and effective and most importantly are of the affordable range while keeping in mind the excellence in quality. In other words they are keen on providing global standard products at a cheap rate which can be used by those who are in need.

The Newest Achievement

The Ranbaxy laboratories have always paid emphasis on creating those products which are of help in preventing various epidemics or wide spread disease. One such drug is Synriam. This year this company was awarded the platinum awards at the ASSOCHAM Innovation Awards due to the invention of this drug which is named as one of the best drug for fighting malaria. This anti malaria drug is for adults and has become quite popular due to its effectiveness since its launching in 2012. This drug is a very convenient one and as well as quite affordable. It has thus emerged as a ray of hope for many to whom money is a constraint.

An already leader in the field but still Ranbaxy laboratories believe in achieving more and doing more for the human kind. That is why they are coming up with quality products with use of modern biotech methodologies to provide the world with the best yet affordable items.

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Emailed by Sasa Milosevic

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