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Chemical Engineering as a Job Option

BY: Amna Adnan | Category: Others | Submitted: 2010-06-15 23:18:51
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Article Summary: "Chemical engineering makes use of the other fields of science also like maths, physics and economics. There are various features of chemical engineering job. A person can check the quality of the food, can work to make plastics, synthesize fertilizers and other aspects also..."

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For the job of chemical engineer, t is necessary that the individual must know about chemical engineering. Chemical engineers have to have the knowledge about production of different materials, their transformation and then in the end transportation of these materials. First the chemical products are synthesized in the laboratory and then they are brought in the market. Chemical and petrochemical industries are the major fields of chemical engineers.

Aspects of Chemical Engineers:-
There are various aspects of chemical engineering. A chemical engineer who works in the laboratory designs new processes and implement them in other fields. Some are concerned with the construction and invention of many instruments used in the laboratories and in other areas of chemical engineering. Chemical engineers have vast area of interest. They can work in the development of dyes, drugs, vaccines, plastics, fertilizers, textiles and development of other chemicals. The field of medicine uses biochemistry for the production of medicines and manufacturing. Some chemical engineers develop new methods to produce certain chemicals and they are able to convert useless materials into useful materials. They take care that the chemical processes should not effect the environment or water.

To become a chemical engineer, an individual must have the knowledge of math, chemistry, physics and learning economics is also necessary. People who adopt other fields for their career learn only about that particular field but chemical engineers know about the fields other than their own field of study. A chemical engineer must have a bachelor's degree at least. But for the research purposes and high level job, an individual should have master's degree and experience.

In Unites States, a chemical engineer gets 24.07$ to 57.05$ per hour. The annual salary reaches up to 78,860$.

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