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DNA: The Messenger of Life
Fertilization results in fusion of two sets of hereditary information to create new organism. DNA is master molecule responsible for passage of phenotypic traits from generation to generation. DNA in chromosomes is divided into functional subunits called genes. Genes play vital role in heredity, mutation, variation and evolutionary development of species.
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Single Cross Hybrid Seed Production in Maize
Maize is one of the cereal crops having high yield realisation because of use of single cross hybrid (SCH) technology. The seed production of SCH needs some precautions and operations for display of maximum uniformity. The article describes the common operations and precautions of SCH seed production in maize.
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Nitric Oxide, A Multifaceted Signaling Molecule in Plants
It is well established that NO plays essential role in animal fertilization and embryogenesis. In plants, NO has proven roles in various plant processes ranging from seed germination to reproduction. NO mediated protein modification plays important role in seed germination. . This article encompasses a brief note on the significance of NO in different plant processes and an outline of the biosynthesis of NO is also described.
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Marker-Assisted Improvement of Wheat for Biotic Stress Tolerance
Wheat is one of the major cereal crop being challenged by several pathogens. To cope with pathogens, the varieties needs to be equipped with resistance gene. The transfer of genes through conventional method needs more time and resource. The development of molecular markers has helped the precise and rapid transfer of resistance genes in wheat varieties.
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Doubled Haploid Technology in Maize Breeding
Doubled haploid technique is becoming one of the popular and efficient method to develop inbred parent in maize. Identification of several superior haploid inducer has added advantage in using this technique. The parental lines developed using this technique needs least time and also saves logistics of several generations required for getting homozygosity.
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NLPs - Crucial Regulators of Nitrate Signaling
NLPS are master regulators of nitrate signalling in plants. They control wider range of genes related to nitrogen assimilation, nitrate transport, carbohydrate metabolism, hormone homeostasis and development. NLPs could be targets for altering nitrate signaling and improving NUE of crop plants.
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Role of Antioxidants in Poultry
Diet plays a pivotal role in health aspect and prevention of various diseases in poultry. There are various dietary factors but among all of them antioxidant play important role for animal survival, improve health status, prevention from various diseases reproductive and productive performance. This is largely because of the detrimental effects of free radicals and toxic products of their metabolism on various metabolic processes. Antioxidant molecule which involved in the prevention from detrimental effect from free radicals, cellular damage, toxic product of their metabolism, aging and variety of diseases.
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Climate Change and its Impact on Indian Agriculture
Indian economy is mainly based on agriculture and climate change is a major threat to it. The Indian agriculture is mainly rainfed and hence depends on the extent and distribution of rainfall patterns. Climate change leads to rise in temperature, high intensity rainfall events, extreme weather events which adversely affect the productivity of major crops. These climate change impacts on agriculture can be mitigated through use of climate resilient technologies.
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Economic and Medicinal Significance of Linseed
The dual purpose oilseed is a major crop with diverse benefits. Linsee has innumerable nutritional & health positives as a result of which it is gaining importance globally.
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Effect of Feeding Garlic on Growth Performance of Poultry
Antibacterial affects Historically it is believed that Louis Pasteur first scientist who demonstrate the antimicrobial effects of garlic ‘juices’ in 1858.Garlic as natural feed additives in poultry nutrition may be of great benefit and value especially for broiler growers.Now a days farmers are already using this specie in scavenger poultry feed due to having properties like flavoring agent in different dishes and medicament, antioxidant, antihypertensive, anti-ageing, hypo-lipidaemic, anti-platelet and detoxify the heavy metal and also having antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiparasitic and immunomodulatory property. The abundance of natural, readily available amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins make hen eggs an important part of the human diet.
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Aloe Vera farming in Rajasthan- A Remunerative Business Idea
Aloe vera is an important medicinal plant and it’s having huge demand in market in domestic as well in International market. Aloe vera is important economic medicinal plant and farmers can also gain profit from two acre of Aloe vera farming.
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Importance of Integrated Crop Management in Sustainable Agriculture
Integrated crop management (ICM) is a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture. It considers the situation across the whole farm, including socio-economic and environmental factors, to deliver the most suitable and safe approach for long-term benefit. This means carefully considering site selection, soil management, seed & planting material, crop rotation, crop nutrition, pest management, water management and landscape management that fit the local conditions and climate. ICM is not rigidly-defined. It is a dynamic system that adapts to changing conditions by combining local knowledge with new research and technologies. We often work where resources for production are limited, and in these situations the best solution is often to focus on optimizing existing resources. In such a way, ICM delivers sustainable agricultural production that safeguards a farm’s natural assets and surrounding community, now and in the future.
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Low Cost Agriculture by Using of Seed Drill
Despite a large labour force in India, the labour shortages are acute in agriculture. It has not only increased the base wage rates but has also affected the timely operations and thereby productivity levels. The farm-wages have shot up in many states indicating switching towards improved techniques
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Concept of Integrated Farming System
There are 115 million operational holdings in the country and about 80 % are marginal and small farmers. To fulfill the basic needs of house hold including food (cereal, pulses, oilseeds, milk, fruit, honey, meat, etc.), feed, fodder, fiber, etc. warrant an attention about Integrated Farming System (IFS). Undoubtedly, majority of the farmers are doing farming since long back but their main focus was individual components but not in a integrated manner. At the ICAR and State Agricultural Universities level, lot of efforts have been made aiming at increasing the productivity of different components of farming system like crop, dairy, livestock, poultry, piggery, goat keeping, duckery, apiculture, sericulture, horticulture, mushroom cultivation etc.
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Retained Placenta in Cattle: Causes, Treatment and Prevention
The incidence and importance of retained placenta (RP) varies greatly around the world. Retention of fetal membranes (RFM), or retained placenta, usually is defined as failure to expel fetal membranes within 24 hr after parturition.
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Rootstocks for Citrus Industry [PDF]
Rootstock in Citrus has been a horticultural practice for over a century, it is important to have understanding and full knowledge of rootstocks their characteristics, usefulness and availability. One of the most important factors affecting the performance of citrus grafted trees, is the stock on which scion is worked.
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Indian Efforts Towards Whole Genome Sequencing of Crop Plants
Scientist working at National Research Centre on Plant biotechnology (NRCPB) under the umbrella of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) since 2010. Trained in plant genetics and breeding during post-graduation and doctoral programmes at Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi. Currently working in the area of plant genomics (both structural and functional genomics), development of DNA markers, and identification of genes and genomic regions governing major traits in crop plants.
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Plant Genomics: Significance and Current Status
Plant genomics is a multidisciplinary approach to unravel the structure, function and evolution of genomes. It is useful in identification and characterization of agronomically important genes, mining of superior alleles, comparative genomics for orphan crops or crops with large and complex genomes, development of DNA markers, molecular tagging of useful traits, marker assisted selection, genome-wide association mapping, Quantitative trait loci (QTL) identification, development of transgenic crops and understanding evolution.
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Speed Breeding - Accelerate Developmental Rate in Plants
A platform that uses prolonged photoperiods to accelerate the developmental rate in plants and harvesting them and germination of immature seeds in next generation thereby reducing the generation time
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Colostrum- A Natural Nutraceutical
Colostrum, the first milk by the mammary gland after parturition, is especially rich in bioactive proteins like immunoglobulin, lactoferrins etc. Research suggested that the beneficial effects of supplementation of bovine colostrum in improving health, aspects of athletic performance, diarrhea in persons with immune-deficiency syndromes, Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (NSAID) induced gastrointestinal disturbances, and aspects of post surgical acute phase response. Thus, colostrum based products are wide accredited as modern nutraceutical and gaining popularity in health care market.

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Master's degree, Pharmaceutics , Panjab University
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I am a MSc Plant Biotechnoloy student interested in research in molecular biology of plants.
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Lisa completed her coursework in Human, Biology, Health, & Society at Cornell University in 2011. She received her Bachelor of Science with honors. Lisa will be attending Brown University's Master of Public Public program.
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I am a scientist at ICAR- Indian Institute of Vegetable Research
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Student of M.Sc (Agri) hons in Plant breeding & Genetics. Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam
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I am an Environmental Scientist simply love to write.

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