Invert sugar syrup is now being used by over 200 units in India which includes most big players like Ranbaxy. This trend will continue to grow in coming years. The biggest benefit which Pharma industries get is that by purchasing it from external vendors there is a drastic reduction in their cost, a consistent quality and better utilization of resources.

The reason Invert Sugar is added to syrups (like cough syrups) is mainly for flavour enhancement. It also gives a consistent viscosity and smoothness to the solution. Invert sugar is also known for enhancing shelf life of the the products its mixed in, therefore it is an ideal mixing solution to neutralize the bitter flavour of medical drugs.

With increasing awareness of medical treatment in India and a growing middle class, the need for medical treatments has gone up substantially. The new units find it impossible to manufacture everything in-house, and therefore depend on external quality vendors for lot of ingredients that they use, by doing this they can focus on their core competence of manufacturing drugs only and not worry about the itsy-bitsy things.

A lot of new units have been setup in tax exempt states like Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh in the last few years. Units operating in these places enjoy substantial advantage due to the subsidy in both Excise and Income taxes.

The popularity of Invert Sugar has also been seen in industries like Bakery, Distillery and Honey Syrup manufacturers. It is important to buy this product only from those manufacturers who use Enzymatic process and not the older acid based technology.

Invert Sugar Syrup manufacturer mentioned below has set up units in Bilaspur (Uttar Pradesh) and Rudarpur ( Uttrakkand). The director of this company Mr. Sachin Goel says "We are finding it harder to cope up with the market demand of Invert Sugar, and currently are in the process of setting up another unit. Although there are several Invert Sugar manufacturers, most of them try to nickel and dime to increase their profits. This product is not about how cheap you can get, it is about better quality and a reliable supplier. Most of our customers realise that to make a quality end product, one needs high quality ingredients too. We have also setup a marketing office in Delhi NCR region to broaden our base and supply our product to overseas market as well".

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