Today there are various technologies are discovered, by which various deadly environmental disasters can be removed. In this article we’ll be looking forward the separation technique of oil from water without using any king of scientific methods.

21st century a lot of dumping of waste material is taking place in resources like water, soil etc. As a result the quality of non-renewable source is getting lowered. On the daily basis a ton of oil is changed from vehicles, industries etc. So now a question is "Where all this oil is dumped?" Majorly, oil is dumped in the water resources like lake, ponds etc. But apart from this issue there is another major deadly environment hazard occurs in Oceans, seas etc. Yes it is “OIL SPILL” yearly there is more than one case is seen of oil spill. Tons of oil is spilled in oceans and as a result, the marine life is damaged. Hence the further life cycle is stopped, which directly results into the environment defects.

A lot of scientific methods are available to eliminate oil form water. For ex:- There are some microbes which can feed on the oil and can be helpful to eliminate oil form water. But this technique is one of the expensive one available.

But there is various waste materials available, with which oil can be eliminated. For example saw dust, which is a waste material from the wood, can be also used to eliminate oil from water. Saw dust is having property of hydrophobic and as a result oil is sticked on the surface of the saw dust. Saw dust has small pores which hold the oil molecules. This method is not a scientific one, but this method is cost free one.

Another method can be quoted is by using human hair. Human hair has the special protein known as "keratin". Keratin protein is also having hydrophobic property. While it’s misunderstood that hair absorbs oil, but oil coats the outer layer of hair so to make ensure of protection against dust etc.

So can we replace the products of waste like saw dust and hair with the costly scientific methods? Its up to Mankind.

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An avid reader of science. Pursuing my Biotechnology Degree from Indian Institute of Advance Research