Bioinformatics is a vest field and it has many career options. It offers many areas, in which people can apply for the jobs like biostatistics, computer science and mathematician because bioinformatics is the combination of many small fields. People who want to work in this field; they can analyze and compare the biological data using computer programs. Computational biology is the major subject of bioinformatics in which the study of biology takes place through computational methods.

Many biological tools are needed for the analysis of biological data like EXPANDER, FAST and BLAST etc. To access these tools and to need them, full knowledge of computers is needed. Bioinformatician also analyzes the data statistically and for this purpose full knowledge of statistics id required.

To become a bioinformatician, just a bachelor's degree is not enough. If an individual is interested in pursuing career in bio-informatics then he should be at least master's degree holder. But most eligible people for this job are the PhD people. But the type of degree also depends on the type of work. If an individual is working in the management department then he should be carrying a bachelor's degree but those people are preferred most who have master's or PhD degree with them and have complete knowledge of their field.

Higher the degree of bioinformatics more will be the pay of the individuals. People who are working in the research field are getting more pay than the other employers. They are now getting 40,000$ to 100,000$ per year which is a very handsome amount. It is all because that these people are mostly PhD and have great knowledge of their field. They are also experienced and get bonuses and increase in their pay every year.

As bioinformatics is making progress day by day that is why it is also giving people opportunities to pursue their careers as microbiologist, biostatisticians, research scientists and many other fields are also included in bio-informatics.

Biostatisticians also use their skills in the field of bioinformatics as they work in various biological disciplines. They usually cover the areas of gene sequence analysis, population genetics and medical and clinical trials by working on the excel. They are involved in storing of the biological data and use them in various purposes.

If people are interested in pursuing their career as biostatistician then they should be excellent in problem solving and should be able to solve the problems analytically and knowledge of statistics for storing the biological data is most important. They do not work independently but other scientists make use of them for their research in which they have to analyze or store the data.

When biostatistician are working on any project, then it is necessary that they should have the knowledge of their work so that when they are working on numbers or are analyzing the data, they should not feel any difficulty.

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