Cancer has always been a challenging disease for the researchers to deal with, as compared to other diseases. Cancer is an abnormal activity of the cells which turn them cancerous due to certain genetical changes unlike the normal cells . Cancer had a number of dark sides which kept them incurable for the cancer patients but fortunately cancer research under emphatic researching has enlightened various facts and discoveries which has opened the ways to invent potential cancer treatments.

Cancer research facts and breakthrough discoveries are the keys which contribute in development of the potential cancer treatments. The cancer stem cells one of the most difficult hurdle to treat the cancer completely. These cancer stem cells are noninvasive and resistant to the chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Basically the cancer stem cells are like weeds which can regenerate the whole tumor along with blood vessels. The chemotherapy can only cut out the external leaves but cancer stem cells which act like roots undergo the recurrence of the treated cancer. To counteract such weeds of cancer the researchers have discovered a strategy to overcome this hurdle. They use an antibody which specifically bind to the CD44 protein which stimulates the cancer stem cells division to blow out the tumor spread. This specific binding to CD44 protein can no longer execute the progression of the tumor spread.

Another revealed cancer tactic is the growth of cancer stem cells in particular organs , this advanced stage of metastasized cancer can be prevented by inhibiting certain factors and specific organ derived proteins which simulates spread of cancer stem cells in that particular organ .The theory of seed and soil by researcher elaborates this reason more clearly in which the tumor cells (seeds) blow throughout the body but at certain congenial soil(organ) derived proteins and factors support the tumor survival in that particular organ that can be block to metastasize by inhibiting certain proteins to localized in that primary organ specially preventing the breast cancer spread in lungs.

The early diagnosis makes cancer curable, as the reknown cancer diagnostic tools are not only expensive but also not efficient enough to reveal the progress reports of that particular patient to the current cancer therapy. Fortunately the biotech research pave the ways towards an easy and efficient diagnosis which is the simple blood test named as cMeth assay which not only reduces the people's monetary problems but also save the precious time of the patient by acknowledging the physician about either patient is giving positive response to the treatment or not if it does not so that he can switch another cancer therapy on time .

The principle of the cMeth assay is that a number of dying cancer cells which circulates in the bloodstream also have released their DNA , the more the content of methylated cancer DNA the more would be chances of negative response of the patient to his ongoing cancer treatment as well as this test is able to reveal the recurrence of the cancer.

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