The technology of genetically modified organisms (GMO) has given boost to many transgenic crops, plants, animals. Despite of the fact that many ethical, social, legal issues are associated with GMO products, it is still highly beneficial for us. On the same context many biotechnology companies working with the United States military are aspiring of Genetically modified humans with the dream of producing super soldiers.

The genetically modified humans, or 'super soldiers', will be able to regrow their limbs that were destroyed by the blast during the war. With the fund of $2 billion per year, the Pentagon's Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently unleashed this news. As of right now, DARPA has a functioning exoskeleton that enables soldiers to run far faster and handle heavy weights. This is but a step in the direct of full modification of the genetic coding of soldiers.

The research of producing transgenic humans by DARPA (theDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is unlike anything we have ever seen before. If they become successful in achieving their goal, the soldiers of tomorrow will be genetically modified transhumans capable of superhuman feats. The basic technology behind transhumant is similar to any other GMO product. The genetically modified DNA (gene of interest) is introduced into the virus which is further injected into the human body. The virus then enters the human cells and its modified DNA attaches itself to the human DNA inside those cells. This could produce genetically modified humans. The virus could be used to genetically modify humanity on a large scale. But its implications could be staggering.

At this point of time it looks like there is very little hurdle in the way of these kinds of technology becoming mainstream. A pre-clinical test was done on rats to check its efficacy. In 2005, Ronald Evans, a hormone expert working at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, experimented on mice and showed that how genetic modification can increase the athletic power of mice. The scientist produced a group of genetically modified mice with an increased amount of slow-twitch muscle fiber. This type of fiber is associated with strong cardiovascular muscles and boosts an athlete's endurance. These genetically modified mice could run for an hour longer than normal mice, they even do not gain weight no matter what they were fed on, and remained at completely fit without any exercise. This would result in an unlimited expectations among the human population. People who can afford would pay to be able to remain fit and maintain the body of an athlete without any exercise.

When the general public would be aware about the endless possibilities, there would be an overwhelming demand for these technologies. The results can be uncontrollable. It would be impossible to understand just how far everything can go. Some of the scholars feel that the world as we know now will be unrecognizable in the coming 20 years. One of the biggest possible disaster to occur can be that the scientists might finally crack the theory of immortality. Approximately after 20 years from now we will have the means to re-programme our bodies, i.e. we could halt our age, reverse it, etc. The nanotechnology will let us live forever. Ultimately, the nanobots (nano size robots) will replace the blood cells and do their work thousands of times more effectively and efficiently. However, this technology would make us eternal is still doubtful. But without a doubt we are going to see a whole lot of humans attempting to merge with technology and reprogram themselves through genetic modification in the future years. This is a serious threat to humanity. Their results can be even more dreadful.

This can give a dreadful view to the wars of the future. It will be no more like the wars of the past. The genetically modified soldiers of the future will be supported by robots on the ground and by swarms of drones in the sky. It was recently documented that the researchers and engineers conducted the test flights in Oregon in the month of June using two ScanEagle drones which performed like a swarm of insects. The flight operator was able to connect with the autonomous drones using only a laptop and a military radio. The engineers confirmed that the drones were able to complete tasks more efficiently by communicating with each other. This swarm technology may one day enable the war fighters in battle to request and receive time-critical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance information directly from the airborne much sooner than they can from ground control stations today.

The technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that it is really hard to keep track of it all. Our lives are becoming completely dominated by technology which is a very dangerous thing. We could just hope that all of these new technologies will always be in right hands and be used for the welfare of human beings. But if it falls into the wrong hands, we will be in huge trouble as even history tells us that liberty and freedom are very rare phenomenon. The nuclear power was discovered for the welfare and benefits of human life. But ironically, it was used for making the human life disastrous. We have already faced those consequences.
Throughout most of human history, most people have lived under some form of tyranny. And today liberty and freedom are already rapidly disappearing all over the globe. Technology has progressed to the point where it would definitely be possible for a scientific dictatorship to completely and totally dominate humanity unlike anything we have ever seen before. So we should be very careful about what we create as we might be creating our own hell.

Now, the major question arises that how the rest of humanity would respond to the super race of mutants that are clearly superior to the rest of us in a bunch of different ways. For most of us, this new technology is really exciting. But for the others, they cross the limit. Unfortunately, if the mistake is done, we just can't get up and switch everything back to normal. Such kinds of mistakes once made could never be reverted back, it would stay with us forever.

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