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Most Recent Healthcare Articles.
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction Leads to Several Neurodegenerative Disorders    By: Geetanjali Murari

    This article states about the physiology responsible for neurodegenerative disorders like, Alzheimer's disease which is a fatal and widely spread disease across the world. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Company Summary of Ranbaxy Laboratories - Products and Achievements    By: Online Authors

    When it comes to the best companies using the techniques of biotech in their products then the name of Ranbaxy laboratories are sure to cross the mind. Ranbaxy laboratories are a leading pharmaceutical company located in India. This company was incorporated in the year 1961 and since then has created its own market reputation and image in a very broad manner. >> Category: Healthcare
  • CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE - The Endpoint of Major System Failures    By: Zandro Cabaral

    This article gives a special look at the disease called Chronic Kidney Disease which is a result of many diseases >> Category: Healthcare
  • Cerebral Infarction: Brain Attack    By: Geetanjali Murari

    The article talks about the stroke or infarction in the brain cells. This is a fatal and dangerous condition due to the loss of oxygen and blood flow in the brainstem cells. >> Category: Healthcare
  • The Peril of Over-Interpreting Correlations    By: Lisa Opdycke

    The American public is acquiring more and more health knowledge thanks to the plethora of information available on the web. Consequently, the average person is more aware of scientific breakthroughs, despite their actual understanding of study findings or implications is slim. However, little in the scientific community has changed in response to larger, more diverse viewership... >> Category: Healthcare
  • Curcumin: Abilities and Bottlenecks    By: Parth Malik

    About Curcumin, its protective abilities and actions, structural existence, bioavailability aspects and anticancer effect mechanism. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Malaria on the Ropes? Perhaps With Some Microscopic Assistance    By: Josh Ferguson

    The world health organization (WHO) considers malaria as one of the last of the great plagues that still stalk the earth. 660,000 men, women and children were struck down in 2010, dying due to a preventable and curable disease. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Transplantation: Immunological Aspects    By: Geetanjali Murari

    The implantation of any tissue or organ from one part of the body to another or from one individual to another describes the phenomenon of transplantation. This article measures the success ratio of this technology. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Bioterrorism: Biological Weapons Causing Terror    By: Geetanjali Murari

    Bioterrorism is the most dangerous terror which has been used many times earlier during the wars. The results are deadly and horrific. This article deals with the biological agents responsible for causing the terror, their mechanism and the ways of dealing with these infectious agents and its consequences. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Treatment of Acute Leukemia    By: Geetanjali Murari

    The bllod cancer is a fatal disease which is associated with the increasing number of white blood cells (WBCs). This article depicts about the signs and symptoms, causes and treatment of the disorder. The recent research work done to treat the disease with the help of genetically engineered immune cells are also presented through this piece of writing. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Herbal Medicines For Cancer Treatment    By: Dilruba Peya

    It is one of the most frequently applied complementary and alternative therapies by people with cancer. Several studies have proved that as many as seven out of ten person with cancer (70%) use herbal medicines alongside traditional cancer treatments. There are lots of different forms of herbal remedies and some of these overlap with foods. Frequently used plants include green tea, ginger etc. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Fresh Vegetable Juice to Prevent Diseases    By: Dilruba Peya

    Juicing can be a good technique to increase vegetable ingestion, since many people are drinking a glass of juice than taking the equivalent or more of raw vegetables. Avid juicers dispute fresh juices nutrition is an easier way for the body to take up. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Drawbacks of Using Synthetic Hormones on Humans    By: Dilruba Peya

    Synthetic hormones are hormones which are made, or synthesized, in a lab that are very close to but not identical to molecular structure and shape of the hormones generated within the body naturally. Women going through menopause frequently use artificial hormones for the hormone replacement therapy to fight symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness and mood swings caused by need of estrogen. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Designing Drugs to Reduce Neurotoxicity and Associated Oxidative Stress    By: Geetanjali Murari

    This piece of work depicts the designing of drug which can cure AD (Alzheimer's Disease). The researchers are still in progress to find some ways in curing the disease. Lets hope for the best. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Probiotics: Potential in Health Restoration    By: Gaurav Saxena

    Microbial balance is critical for life. To maintain this various attempts has been made to modify the structure and metabolic activities of microbial community in intestine through modified foods, what termed as Probiotics which may help in restoring the natural healthy condition of body's internal environment .. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Study Design For Atorvastatin (Lipitor)    By: Geetanjali Murari

    This article determines the study design for the said drug under the phases of clinical trial. For determining the equivalence of the drug under trial with the standard drug in the market, the design of the trial has to be decided and approved. This trial design is made by medically qualified professionals. It is already mentioned in the protocol. It is followed by every member at the site. >> Category: Healthcare
  • If You Feel Sluggish on a Daily Basis Here Are a Few Suggestions to Boost Energy    By: Janean Cantfield

    A few thoughts about your metabolism and how to feel more dynamic throughout the day >> Category: Healthcare
  • Naltrexone Drug in Treatment For Alcohol Dependence    By: Chandra Kala

    Alcoholism has turned to be a difficult problem due to the association with several health issues. The treatment for alcoholism for long time was focused mainly on detoxification and use of drugs during rehabilitation period. In the recent years Naltrexone has been proposed for treatment of alcohol dependence. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Tamoxifen and its Application in the Treatment of Breast Cancer    By: Chandra Kala

    Tamoxifen is the most recommended drug for the treatment of breast cancer which is estrogen receptor positive. The tamoxifen treatment over 5 years reduces the breast cancer recurrence rate and mortality due to breast cancer in both pre menopausal and post menopausal females. Tamoxifen is the only hormonal drug approved from FDA for the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Artificial Sweeteners- Are They Perfect Solution For Your Sweet Tooth?    By: kashika arora

    Use of artificial sweeteners is still an issue of controversy with many uses and bad effects on other side. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Stroke? No Way .. We Are Women!! How Can It Be?    By: kashika arora

    Awareness about stroke in women, its types, its symptoms, risk factors and treatments. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Storing Umbilical Cord Blood: What is the Benefit?    By: Clifford Balboni

    Getting the Word Out About Cord Blood Banking and cord blood donation >> Category: Healthcare
  • Umbilical Cord Blood Banking - Stories of Lives Saved by Cord Blood    By: Rhett Dionisopoulos

    Placental and cord blood banking may become even more valuable in the future with exciting research under way to find new medical uses in areas such as: diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke, and even spinal cord injury. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Epidemics and Pandemics-Spread of Infectious Diseases    By: Medha Hegde

    Epidemics and pandemics have been known throughout recorded human history. These incidences are less in modern day cities due to better sanitary conditions. Present interconnected world makes it easier for diseases to spread rapidly and over greater distances from the point of origin. Therefore it is important to understand the insights of these maladies for preventing future breakouts. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Antibiotic Resistance - Rethinking the Use of Antibiotics    By: Medha Hegde

    One of the most important therapeutic milestones in the medical history is 'antibiotics'. They are natural or synthetic compounds that kill bacteria. Antibiotic resistance is the ability of a microorganism to resist the effects of an antibiotic. It is a problem that develops when antibiotics are overused or misused. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Prostate Cancer: Risk of Cancer With Altered Genes    By: Chandra Kala

    Prostate is a part of the male reproductive present in the males of mammals. Prostate Cancer is the most common form of cancer occurring in the older males in Developed countries. Future treatment for prostate cancer should be based on genetic background on the genes involved in response and resistance to drugs or hormones which will help in better outcome in curing the diseases. >> Category: Healthcare
  • UPR and its Consequences in Protein Maturation    By: Parth Malik

    About the bioenergetics and biochemical activities related to protein synthesis happening within the endoplasmic reticulum. (UPR - Unfolded protein response) >> Category: Healthcare
  • Digestive Tract Microbes: Role in Good Health    By: Chandra Kala

    Digestive system of humans hosts trillions of microbes which are both beneficiary as well as harmful. Beneficiary microbes and human have symbiosis relationship where both are benefited from each other. The good microbial fauna in the digestive tract will eventually leads to the proper digestion of the food and absorption of nutrients that result in good health of the individuals. >> Category: Healthcare
  • What to do if Your Growing Older Mother or Father is Depressed    By: Solomon Hogan

    Depression can make you very fatigued, having an effect on your ability to perform appropriately. Though it may be difficult to overcome depression, it might be accomplished. In this post, you will understand a lot of valuable ways to cope with your depressive disorders. You will need to desire to switch to surpass your depression symptoms, but when you continue at it, you are going to be successful. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Insulin Pathway: Diabetes to Non-Diabetes    By: Chandra Kala

    Insulin hormone is a well studied protein which is directly involved in Diabetes disease. The risk of Diabetes is associated with life style habits and also hereditary. Diabetes itself is not a killer disease but if neglected will lead to complication involving many organs failure culminating in death. Diabetic patient with proper medication, life style and balanced diet can lead a normal life. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Role of Lactation Pathway in Decreasing Breast Cancer Risk    By: Chandra Kala

    Breast Cancer is the word, most women don't want to hear. Breast Cancer refers to growth of Cancer tissue in the Mammary gland. Both male and female are prone for Breast Cancer, but the rate of occurrence of Breast Cancer is higher in females than males. Eating healthy food and changing life styles will highly reduce Breast Cancer risk. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) : It's Application in Hair Transplant Surgery    By: Chandra Kala

    FUE( or Follicular Unit Extraction) extracts hair follicles from donor sites in few steps without making any scar in that region. Hair Transplant technique is a boon for males who are affected with male pattern baldness. This technique not only regains the physical appearance, also increases the confidence levels. Several hair transplants techniques are available in the market as a result of the higher demands. Follicular Unit Extraction technique might become one of the alternatives in future hair transplant surgery. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Dengue Fever and Vector Management    By: Chandra Kala

    Dengue cases are increasing every year in an alarming number and globally, each year around 50 to 100 million people are reported with dengue. Vaccines and drugs development to cure dengue are in initial stages. Currently the Vector control strategy is the best available method for controlling dengue. Community participation in vector elimination goes a long way in eradication of dengue. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Pain Relief While Being Pregnant | Pregnancy Massage    By: Tena Bari

    Pain is one area commonly related to pregnancy, as the baby gets bigger this really is expected increasingly more. I merely want you to be prepared for it. Your body will undoubtedly be changing because of the baby growing inside, Discomfort really must be expected. It is possible you're going to get cramping, headaches, queasiness, inflammation, round ligament pain and lower back problems. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Proliferating Demand For Probiotics    By: Abe Dusky

    This combine is stored worries a temperature that do allows the in this enclosed to culture a new milk. Here are a really regular way to trip healthy by difficult on diets that a majority of are obtained faraway from natural sources. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Preclinical Imaging: Micro MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)    By: VIVEK VYAS

    The observation of changes either at the cell, tissue, organ or at molecular level need to be visualized during research clinical work, diagnosis of diseases or during drug development. These changes may be due to environmental factors or other clinical status of body. These image modalities are very important and are known as preclinical imaging. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Developmental Immunology - Response of Immune System Due to Factors Like Age    By: VIVEK VYAS

    The most important part of immunology study is developmental immunology. Many factors are responsible for body's capability to reaction to antigens. It may be on type of antigen, person's age, maternal factors and environment in the antigen is present. One the child is born, its immune system starts responding to antigens. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Nutritive and Medicinal Properties of Fungus and Mushrooms.    By: VIVEK VYAS

    Mushroom has lot of properties including medicinal and they are very nutritive and are sources of vitamins, such as niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin and other essential minerals like selenium , potassium, copper. They are also used as carbon source as they contain carbohydrate and the calorie content is very less and do not have vitamin c and sodium. Thus mushrooms are total source of nutrient >> Category: Healthcare
  • Clean Rooms Nomenclature - Class 100, Class 1000 Areas.    By: VIVEK VYAS

    As microorganisms are present all over the world and almost in every condition including extreme conditions of Antarctica and in hot lakes also. Therefore due to its omnipresence, there is a requirement to perform various operations, tests, productions etc in isolated conditions or clean rooms to avoid contamination. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Celiac Disease: New Advancements in Detection and Therapy    By: Shanky Bhat

    Celiac disease is recognized as a common multi systemic disorder that may be diagnosed at any age. At this time, the gluten-free diet remains the only available treatment. The gluten-free diet is a complex and challenging diet, but current advances in the food industry are making it easier to follow. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Household Treatments For Foot Ache    By: Alysa Swartz

    It is significant that we establish what has created the foot discomfort, how to treat it and then, how if at all attainable, to stop it arising once more in the potential. Unwell fitting sneakers are not decent for feet. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Current Preview on Lipase With Its Immense Applications    By: Kirti Rani

    Lipase is lipolytic enzyme that leads dietary fat lipolysis in to fatty acid and glycerol which is absorbed in the intestines. It has numerous vulnerable therapeutic uses in treatment of liver and pancreatic diseases. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Natural Dyes For Antimicrobial Clothing    By: Rajni Singh

    Natural Dyes are the colors extracted from plants, insects & minerals (table). Natural Dyes along with natural fabrics are protective to skin. These can improve human body's aura along with the inhibition of the bacterial growth due to sweat and other reasons. However synthetic dyes are in majority toxic in nature and increase the toxicity of the sweat manifold, which results in various allergies >> Category: Healthcare
  • Proteases as Bio-Scavengers With Their Therapeutic Implications    By: Kirti Rani

    Poteases are well known proteolytic enzymes which have numerous therapeutic implications as bio-scavengers. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Health Benefits of Kidney Beans    By: Kirti Rani

    Kidney beans are good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber which are helpful for maintaining blood sugar level especially for diabetic and hypoglycemic patients >> Category: Healthcare
  • Nutritional Values of Soybean as Essential Food Supplements    By: Kirti Rani

    Soybeans are considered a complete source of protein with essential amino acids profile and precursor of vitamins as essential human food supplements among well known pulses. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Potential Use of Biosnensor Technology    By: Kirti Rani

    There are couple of applications of biosensors in food analysis and for health care prospective as antibodies coated optic is commonly used to detect virulent/lethal pathogens and food toxins. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Importance of Milk Pasteurization Test    By: Kirti Rani

    Pasteurization test in raw milk is very important clinical parameter in accordance to modern and urban health related issues. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Vital Rewards of Making Use of Hypnotherapy For Body Weight Reduction    By: Tanner Serro

    Hypnotherapy for weight loss - Like a great deal of people, you may be considering methods to lose excess weight and keep match via regular actual exercise. You would possibly not recognize however, that not all actual physical activity is going to aid you attain your ambitions. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Introductory Brief Note on Clinically Significant Beta-Lactam Antibiotics    By: Kirti Rani

    Beta-lactam antibiotics have clinical importance for the treatment of couple of epidemics caused by virulent bacterial strains. Common examples of this category of antibiotics are penicillin and cephalosporin. >> Category: Healthcare

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