Bioinformatics is a newer niche of biology, which is quite promising from the research point of view than its already established counterparts like biotechnology and genetic engineering. Defining it in simple words, bioinformatics is the branch of biology which involves the knowledge of computer science, mathematics and statistics along with biology. There are number of internationally acclaimed bioinformatics journals, which are very useful for students and researchers in this field. Given below is the list of the leading journals in bioinformatics:
Here is the list of leading Bioinformatics Journals:

• Bioinformatics - Established in 1977, this journal is the official scientific journal of International Society for Computational Biology and publishes only the original research as well as software in the field of computational biology. It is peer-reviewed and the authors have the benefit to pay for open access.

• BMC Bioinformatics - It is actually a part of the BMC journal series, founded in the year 2000 that publishes original research in bioinformatics. It is an online, open access journal that is peer-reviewed.

• Briefings in Bioinformatics - This journal is published by the Oxford University Press supported by the EMBnet community. This popular journal publishes only peer-reviewed research papers in bioinformatics including genetics and molecular biology along with its analytical tools and reviews of their databases.

• Bulletin of Mathematical Biology - It is published by The Society for Mathematical Biology (SMB). This scientific journal covers the topic of the scientific activities between the research communities of Mathematics and Biology dedicated to theoretical, computational and experimental biology.

• Cancer Informatics - Cancer Informatics journal was established in 2005 and is published by Libertas Academia. This is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that is devoted to covering the role of computational biology in cancer research.

• Computational Biology and Chemistry - It is a scientific journal published by Elsevier and got established in 1976. It is also peer-reviewed and covers all parts of computational life sciences.

• Computers in Biology and Medicine - It is a scientific journal that was established in the year 1970. It is peer-reviewed and is dedicated to biology, bioinformatics, medicine and medical informatics. It is comes out only once in a month.

• Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry - With an impact factor of 2.790 as of 2011, this is a scientific journal covering research on every aspect of spectrometry. It is peer-reviewed and is published biweekly since the year of 1987 by John Wiley and sons.

• Database (journal) - The journal of biological databases and curation is an online scientific journal established in the year 2009. It is peer-reviewed and also an open access journal that covers research on biocuration and databases.

• EMBnet.journal - Established in 2010, this is a scientific journal that is open access and peer-reviewed covering technical papers and original research in bioinformatics. It is the successor of that includes two main sections. One section is concerned with technical notes, research articles and reviews and the other contains training information, commentary, reportage, user guides and news.

• IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics - This journal better known as TCBB is a scientific journal published jointly and comes bimonthly. It covers research related to bioinformatics and computational biology along with systems biology.

• Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - Founded in 2003, this journal is published by the Imperial College Press. It covers the technical aspect of the analysis of cellular information.

• Journal of Biomedical Informatics - It is a scientific journal that is about the research in health informatics or translational bioinformatics. It is open access for those who pay extra for it.

• Journal of Computational Biology - It is a scientific journal published to cover bioinformatics and computational biology per year.

• Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics - This is a scientific and an open access journal that is peer-reviewed and covers all aspect of integrative bioinformatics.

• Journal of Mathematical Biology - Founded in 1974, this is a mathematics journal that publishes articles on mathematical biology and biology statistics.

• Journal of Theoretical Biology - This is a scientific journal that covers theoretical biology along with computational and mathematical biology.

• PLoS Computational Biology - This is an open access journal established in 2005 that covers computational biology with general science.

• Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology - It is an online, scientific journal covering statistical ideas to problems from computational biology.

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