Muhammad Ali Jinnah University is the famous university of Pakistan established in 1998. It is chartered by the Sindh (Province) government. This institution is built to provide quality education to the students who are willing to seek knowledge, including Bioinformatics. It is a comprehensive institution and is authorized to award both earned and honorary degrees at all levels. These degrees range from Associate to Doctorate and include all disciplines ranging from Business to Bioinformatics.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah University provides quality education that is why the degrees earned are equivalent to the degrees earned from many international institutes. It fulfills the dream of providing quality education to the intelligent youth of Pakistan. Muhammad Ali Jinnah University is divided into two campuses, one is in Karachi and the other is in Islamabad.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad Campus:-

Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad is located in a commercial area of Islamabad called as Blue Area. It is considered best University of the capital Islamabad due to its quality education. Almost all the teachers are PhD and are experienced. They have the knowledge of their field. Students feel no hesitation in asking about any problem whether related to studies or their personal problems. There are three points on which the University has been built.

It is obvious that first range is the number of programs which are offered to the students. University has the Department of computer Sciences, Electronics Engineering and Biosciences which is connected with the faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Faculty of Management and Social Sciences has the Departments of Management Sciences, Social Sciences and Economics. These programs are not only enabling the students to face the modern world's challenges but are also designed by keeping in view the need of country's economy and manpower development. Following are the programs which are offered under these departments;

Department of Computer Sciences:-

BS Computer Science
MS Computer Science
PhD Computer Science

Following programs are offered at the Graduate level;

Software System and engineering
Multimedia and Communication

Department of Electrical Engineering:-

BS Electronic Engineering
MS Electronic Engineering
PhD Electronic Engineering

The department of Electronic Engineering also offers some programs at the Graduate level that are,

Telecommunication Engineering
Signal Processing and Control Engineering
Embedded System Engineering
Microwave Engineering

Department of Biosciences:-
BS Bioinformatics
MS Bioinformatics

Department of Finance and Economics

BS Economics
MBA Finance
MS Finance

Department of Management Sciences

BBA bachelors of Business Administration
MBA Bachelors of Business Administration
MS Management Sciences
PhD Management Sciences

Following programs are offered at the Graduate level in this department;

Human Resource management
Information Technology
Development management
Media Management

The Department of Biosciences:-
The Department of Biosciences was developed in 2002. The students who have done their FSc in computer science or premedical, they can take admission in this department. The university has not proper labs for this department yet. They have collaborated with other institutes and research center laboratories to provide lab facility to the Bioinformatics Students to perform experiments like National agricultural and Research Centre (NARC) and Punjab College of Information technology (PCIT).

The second point is the training. Seminars and workshops are conducted by inviting some respected members of the field. They teach students that how they can compete in the real world and they also share their own experiences of life to tell the students that nothing can be achieved without doing hard work. These seminars are also conducted to for the benefit of the society.

M. A. Jinnah University is aware of the fact that research and development are the main tools of the modern world. Research is one of the most important things which transform the developing nations into developed nations. Heavy investments are being put in the research field and University is also concerned about developing the faculty and they are trying to hire those teachers and professionals who are at least PhD and are experts in their fields. It has already started Doctoral programs in the Department of computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering and management Sciences. Research facilities Include;

Center for intelligent Systems
Business Administration Research Group
Enterprise Computing Group
MRSP Research Group
Center for Distributed and Semantic Computing
Center for Software dependability
Multimedia Research group
Entrepreneurship Development Centre
Centre for Microelectronics and FPGA Design

Laboratories are usually constructed to transform the knowledge which students learn in classrooms into the practical use. Muhammad Ali Jinnah University has the facility of laboratories for various programs which are offered at the University. Following labs have been established;

Computer Lab
Multimedia Lab
Analog Electronics Lab
Digital Electronics Lab
Business Management Research Lab
Instruction Lab
Communication Lab
Signal Processing Lab
ASIC Design Lab
Distributed Computing Lab

To help the poor students and to award the students who have taken distinction in their previous studies, Muhammad Ali Jinnah University offers various scholarships. Students who maintain their cGPA to 3.75 points, they also get scholarships.

The Library has the best stock of books and it has also access to the online books which are more than 50,000. For the recreation of students, there are also novels in the library so that if students get tired from their work they can relax by reading novels and other informative books. Books can be found in both the languages that are Urdu which is the national language of Pakistan as well as English.

For the recreation of the students, University provides the students the chance to arrange sports events like Cricket, Hockey (national game) and football. These sports not only provide the recreation to the students but they are also source of providing mental and physical relaxation. Physical health of the students also improves by arranging such sports.

Societies and Clubs:-
There are different societies at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University which have always something to do. These societies and clubs let the students meet new people and they arrange different fun fares and annual functions in which students can show their abilities and can entertain themselves. Debate competitions are also held to let students to express their thoughts. Students develop friendly relationships with each by arranging discussion forums.

Special Features:-
I feel great pleasure that I got education from the institute which is among the best institutes of Pakistan. Students who pass from the university, they feel no difficulty in getting jobs whether they are Computer science students, Bioinformatics Students or Business students.

Almost all the teachers at the University are PhDs and are experienced. Laboratories are well equipped and there is always research work going in the laboratories. Libraries are well stocked. The Management System of the University is all computerized. There is the facility at the University that students can check their academic records online. They can even see the date sheets online because of the special software of the University. Students have the facility to check their emails because there is excellent internet connection that is wireless LAN.

Five convocations have been held so far to award the degrees to the students who complete their Graduation, MS or PhD studies. Students who get cGPAs above 3.5, they are awarded with medals and scholarships.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah University has the collaboration with following international and national institutes;

University of California, Berkley
Pakistan Agricultural Research council
National Engineering and Scientific commission
ICT R&D Fund
AM Clinical
Enterprise DB

Address of MAJU Islamabad:-

Jinnah Avenue Blue Area, Islamabad

Telephone # 092-51-111-87 87 87

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