Intelligence is a God gifted thing. We can say that how quickly the organisms adapt to their environment. Some times we get so surprised when we hear about any invention of the scientists. It is their intelligence that they are able to discover and invent things. Similarly in school or colleges, teachers give lessons so efficiently and then it is the intelligence of the student that he remembers that lesson and do work on it. God has made the brain of humans in such a way that they can deal or understand new challenges of the life and they can create new ways of tackling with the problems of the life.

Intelligence can also be inherent that is the individual may get this characteristic from his parents either mother or father. Environment, characteristics and inheritance together make the foundation of the intelligence. This can be understood by this example that if the child or any other person lives all the time in a tense environment, he will never be able to think properly if he will not be able to make important decisions in his life. Similarly if a person gets proper and healthy environment, their abilities flourish and they can face the challenges of life. The intelligence of the humans is above all things. Computers and other machines can't do the things which humans can do. It is not even possible to invent such machines which can be matched with the human intelligence. Person's IQ can not match with his intelligence.
Scientists have proved that intelligence is inherent. In the recent years research has shown that intelligence in polygenic trait if there are normal circumstances for the individual. Lack of proper environment can affect the intelligence. Sometimes mutations also occur in the genes of an individual which are the major cause of the effecting the intelligence. For example, there is a genetic disease Phenylketonuria, which is caused due to the mutations in the genes. If this genetic disorder does not get the proper treatment on time, it will be possible that the individual's brain might not develop properly. As a result there can other diseases like mental illness or damage to the brain by any other means occur. This disease is caused by the mutation in the single gene. This defected gene disturbs the function of the proteins in the body and causes Phenylketonuria .
Scientists are already trying to figure out that what gene is responsible fro intelligence in humans. A team of scientists at the University f California has found a gene named HAR1F that is responsible for the intelligence in humans and this gene is not present in other animals. Scientists claim that not only the genetics but environment also affects the intelligence. If there are suitable circumstances for an individual, he will be able to live a healthy life and his intelligence will also increase. It has been discovered by some scientists that axon of the brain are responsible for human intelligence. Through the wiring of the brain or neurons, these axons move in the brain. If the movement of the axons carrying the information is fast, quickly the brain will work and send the information where it is needed. But if the brain's axons are weak, the process of sending the information will be slow and intelligence will decrease.

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