Synthetic Biology of Genetic Circuit

Authors: 1Mallar, K. N. and 2Prasenjit, D.
1 M.Sc. (Agri.), Dept. of Biotechnology, AAU, Jorhat, Assam
2 M.Sc. (Agri.), Dept. of Biotechnology, UAS, Dharwad, Karnataka
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Genetic engineering with recombinant DNA is a powerful and widespread technology that enables biologists to redesign life forms by modifying or extending their DNA. Advances in this domain allow us to gain insight into the operating principles that govern living organisms, and can also be applied to a variety of fields including human therapeutics, synthesis of pharmaceutical products, molecular fabrication of biomaterials, crops and livestock engineering, and toxin detection with biological sentinels. While already providing great benefits, existing genetic engineering applications only hint at the possibilities for harnessing cells to our benefit.

Well, Synthetic biology is the future of today’s Genetic engineering or Biotechnology. Synthetic biology has been recently defined as the artificial design and engineering of biological systems and living organisms for purposes of improving applications for industry or biological research as it has expanded to many interdisciplinary fields such as biotechnology, evolutionary biology, molecular biology, systems biology, biophysics, computer engineering, and genetic engineering.

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