One of the most annoying things in life is the pain caused by cellulites or excessive fats. It usually manifests in areas such as the thighs, some in the stomach and in the chest which is characterized as bumpy pain. Cellulite is most commonly caused by excess fats; this excess fat gets pushed against the skin and leaves a bumpy or "cottage cheese" appearance. The appearance of cellulite can also occur in some women due to dehydration. To get rid of cellulite, we must get rid of those excess fats and moisturize our skin and be well hydrated.

The fat lobules and fat cells are anchored in the connective tissue where they are surrounded by very small lymphatic and blood vessels. An increase in the fat cells gradually results in the finest lymphatic vessels being pressed shut. In addition, oestrogens (female sex hormones) cause an increase in the storage of fluid in the connective tissue and a loosening of this tissue. One side-effect of excessive fat or cellulites is therefore a chronic lymph blockage in the dependent parts of the body and the storage of fluid in a very loose connective tissue. This explains the pains that regularly occur. The feeling of heaviness in the legs is caused by the weight of the increased adipose tissue and the amount of accumulated tissue fluid. The swollen legs (orthostatic syndrome) are mostly during long periods of standing and/or sitting that the accumulation of fluids in the legs increases. The result is a swelling, frequently accompanied by a tendency to swell in the (otherwise not affected) feet. People affected by this often say that they have trouble putting their shoes on in the afternoon. An orange skin phenomenon is caused by the special structure of the connective tissue and the loosening of this tissue. Increase in the occurrence of bruises (haematomas) in the affected parts of the body (even at the slightest inducement). The reasons for this are pressure on the blood-vessels by the fat cells; a lack of anchoring of the small capillaries in the connective tissue, which results in them tearing when affected by the pull of gravity. There is also a considerable pain in the legs; painful sensitivity to touch due to the continued development (chronification) of the lymph blockage leads to a hardening of the tissue (indurations), which can be extremely sensitive to touch and very painful. Lastly, there is early occurrence of degenerative changes in the joints and arthroses
especially in the knee (because of wrongly placed stress and excess weight).

There are a lot of commercialized and medical treatments for cellulite. One of which and is commonly done is the liposuction. Other treatments used are the body creams or the cellulite creams. But, do we really need to spend much time and many expenses just to get rid of cellulites?
There are natural remedies, easy and less affordable methods on getting rid of cellulites and some of which are considered and proven to be more effective ways on treating cellulites.

Here are some suggestions on how to reduce cellulites:

1. Experts say the effective cellulite removal starts with a good and proper diet such as fruits and vegetables.
2. Have regular exercise to get rid of those fats
3. Stay away from alcohol and cigarette
4. Drink beverages in room temperature, cool drinks cause's spasms to the intestinal wall and causes vasoconstriction to the intestinal capillaries which causes improper digestion and improper reabsorption of fats. it also decreases the activity of the gallbladder which secretes bile that digests fats in the body.
5. Have regular body massage
6. Drink plenty of water and real juices.
7. Coffee ground, though has not yet been proven officially or by research, is said to be an effective treatment for cellulite. As a stimulant, it increases physical and mental activity and increases metabolic rate. Ground coffee is also a good laxative thus, helps the body remove waste products prevents excess production of fat thus, getting rid of cellulite.

Whatever remedies or methods we choose to treat cellulite, all of it meets in a certain point; that is: "the success of cellulite treatment depends solely on how we discipline our body and our mind to make this remedies and methods work for us..."

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