Radiation is a type of energy which has the ability to travel in space and can penetrate into many things. There are many sources of radiation for example sun, x-ray machines and microwave ovens. Heat emerging from humans' bodies after doing some hard work is also a kind of radiation. Radiations are one of many sources which cause cancers in the human body. It cannot be said that all types of radiations cause cancers; some of them are not harmful for the human body.

Types of cancers:-
Radiation exists in two forms that is high energy radiation and low energy radiation. In both the categories fall following radiations respectively; Gamma rays, X-rays, Ultraviolet rays, visible Light, infrared rays, microwaves, radiofrequency waves and extremely low frequency radiations. Radiation has two main types that is;

Non- Ionizing Radiation:-
In this type of radiation come those radiations which are of very low frequency. For example, radiations emerging from the mobile phones or television screens are the low frequency radiations.

Ionizing Radiation:-
Ionizations radiations are very powerful that they have the ability to remove an electron from a molecule or an atom. They have very high frequency and are able to damage the DNA molecule present in the cell's nucleus which is very harmful because it can be the source of causing cancer in the body. The examples of ionizing radiations are X-rays, gamma rays, some alpha particles and protons.

Ionizing Radiations and Cancers:-
Ionizing radiations are not stable and they are able to undergo chemical changes very rapidly. Due to their unstable nature, they can be the source of causing mutations in the DNA sequences. DNA is the hereditary material present inside the cell's nucleus. If mutations occur due to any type of high range of radiations, they result in cancer because cells of the body start reproducing abnormally and do not function in a normal way. The other danger to the body is that the cells of the body may die due to the exposure to the radiations. The damage to the cell structure and function depends on the amount of radiations the body receives. If a person is suffering from a disease like lungs tuberculosis, he continuously needs to undergo X-rays after almost every month to see if the health of the person is improving or not. The continuous exposure of person's body to such high frequency radiations may result in the cell death or cancer can start in the body. Cancer does not develop in the body but it takes years to develop.

It is a fact that radiations are the proven carcinogens that cause cancers in the human body. People get exposed to them through many ways for example, those people who work in the Uranium mines are more likely to get cancer, people who get treatment for the cancer or TB get exposed to the high range radiations, and people who survived after the atomic bomb explosion on the city of Hiroshima.

People who live at place where they get exposed to low level radiations, they have very less or none at all chances of having cancer. For example, those people who live on altitude and they are exposed to cosmic rays more than the people living at sea level have not been seen having the disease of cancer. Scientists believe that if people are exposed to ionizing radiations for few times, they have more chances of developing cancer in their bodies.

Most of the cancers which develop in the body due to the exposure to the ionizing radiations are breast cancers, lung cancers, stomach cancers and skin cancer. There can be other types of cancers also which can be developed due to radiations. There are other factors which play a vital role in the development of cancer. Aging is the most prominent factor when body's cells become weak. Similarly if children are exposed to radiations in a very young age, they can also have risk of cancer. Another factor which may result in the disease of cancer is the changes in the genes which make the cells more susceptible of having cancer.

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