Synthetic hormones are hormones which are made, or synthesized, in a lab that are very close to but not identical to molecular structure and shape of the hormones generated within the body naturally. Women going through menopause frequently use artificial hormones for the hormone replacement therapy to fight symptoms like hot flashes, loss of libido, vaginal dryness and mood swings caused by need of estrogen. Because body identifies that these artificial hormones are different, unwanted bad effects varying from a risk of severe conditions to non-life threatening have been reported.

The most widespread side effects of artificial hormones are the retention of water, nausea, headache and bloating. Synthetic hormones can also create irregular menstrual bleeding and breast soreness. Synthetic hormones, especially progesterone and estrogen, can also create mood swings. Estrogen affects beta-endorphins and serotonin producing excited feelings when progesterone causes calming feelings, consistent with Integrative Psychiatry. Taking artificial hormones alters the stability between the two; as a result create mood swings.

Synthetic hormones, particularly estrogen, are able to trigger the pattern of blood clots. Blood clots in the body may be either in the lungs, which known as pulmonary embolus, or in a vein, which known as deep vein thrombosis. This bad effect increases the threat of creating a stroke, another dangerous side effect.

There is several controversy about whether taking artificial hormones, specifically progestin and estrogen, increases the threat of developing cancers in body as a side effect. Investigation performed by the organization of Women's Health Initiative in association with National Cancer Institute found that the women taking synthetic hormone, both progestin and estrogen, had an increased threat of developing cancer in breast. This investigation also found that the women taking artificial hormones have a 24% increase in threat of breast cancer than the women not taking artificial hormones. Ovarian cancer is another bad effect for those taking artificial estrogen, especially while taken for 10 years or more.

Synthetic hormones are able to cause a rise in blood pressure leading to hypertension. It is found from labeling guidelines for the oral contraceptives (synthetic hormones) by the Food and Drug Administration that this side effect is mainly found in the older patients and the threat increases with long term application of the hormones.

Taking artificial hormones can also raise the occurrence of, heart attacks or myocardial infarctions. Patients taking artificial hormones have a three-fold to five-fold threat, suffering from a heart attack over the people who do not use artificial hormones.

People who have taken the injections of synthetic human growth hormone are mainly after its positive outcomes that include increased bone density, increased lean muscle mass, better skin and decreased body fat. Human growth hormones assists increased energy levels and improve performance of body builders and athletes.

Researches confirmed these advantages of the human growth hormone but after that it was also declared that injections with artificial human growth hormone bring adverse side effects.

These Synthetic human growth injections are usually injected twice a day. While the cost of it can be one of the disadvantages of injections, the health involvements are much more significant. It is not generated by the body, for this reason its presence may change the normal activity of the pituitary gland of the body. It has been recommended that injections should be applied only by person with deficiency of human growth hormone to avoid shutting normal production of the human growth hormone. When you regularly had taken injections and stop it, it is likely that pituitary gland would have complexity producing the regular levels of the hormone.

Application of artificial human growth hormone is associated with severe conditions too. The consequences of artificial human growth hormone depend on age. That is, at extreme levels, it supports growth in children as it can create acromegaly in adults. Other recognized side effects include joint pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, hypertension, diabetes and fluid retention. Moreover, it has been recommended that it also have a function in the development of some cancers.

The only method to stay away from the side effects of artificial human growth hormone is to choose the herbal ones. Studies have shown that Herbal hormone releasers are as successful as injections and have become widely available. It may also fully replace the niche which has been received from the synthetic hormone injections. The Human growth hormone releasers like Sytropin are a mixture of herbal, homeopathic human growth hormone and amino acids that stimulate normal production of the human growth hormone.

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