Fasting is a process or a period of time when a person completely refrains from taking food into his body. With Islamic point of view, People keep fasts to raise their spiritual height. It has many beneficial effects on our body.


1) Fasting is helpful in many physical and psychological disorders because it increases person's will power by strengthening his inner self.

2) When a person is fasting, he stays away from bad habits like drinking wine and bear and doing bad things. The result will be that the person will be healthy bodily and will be protected against various harmful diseases.

3) Fasting proves to be a medicine for diseases like stomach aches, colon inflammation. Diseases of liver and indigestion. Other conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, asthma and diabetes can be cured by fasting because for a particular period of time an individual eats nothing due to when the calories and fat present inside his body will be used.

4) Fasting is the source of decaying the damaged tissues present inside the body. As a result of this new tissues are produced through nutrition.

5) Fasting can be beneficial to restore youthfulness of an individual as it allows a person to eat a particular amount of food. Usually it happens that whenever one feels hungry he/she will go to the kitchen and will make something to eat. But fasting restricts a person to eat at a particular time of the day.

6) Due to fasts, the digestive system gets a break from its activities and relaxes. Many toxins which enter the stomach through foods cannot enter when a person will not be taking enough food. As a result of this, the digestive system will remain cleaned and will be protected against toxins which can damage the stomach and cause diseases. So the energy which was spending on digesting the food will now be spent on other activities taking place in the body.

7) If the benefits of fasting are seen medically, it is beneficent for health in the sense it provides strength to the immune system. In normal days when immune system fights against many toxins which enter the body though food, in fasting, the immune system will be busy in curing the defects and diseases which are already present in the body.

8) Fasting helps the body in detoxification by disallowing toxins from entering the body. It can revitalize organs like liver, lungs and kidneys and allows them to work more efficiently.

9) Some experts believe that fasting is helpful in curing diseases like cancers and allergies.

10) Fasting is the best way of losing weight, but there should be great precautionary measures taken because so much fasting can affect the body in negative sense.

11) Fasting is the best remedy for cleaning the fat and other diseased substances from the body. Cells like dead or diseased can be removed from the body during fast.

12) Many people who are addicted to narcotics like drugs, smoking and alcohol, fasting is the best way of overcoming these habits because it creates resistance in his body against these things.

13) When a person will eat less due to fasting, he energy stored in his body will be used for useful purposes for example, his thinking process will improve and he will be willing something positive.

14) People who have the habit of overeating, fasting protect them from this habit because it builds will power in a person.

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