Cheese is one of the dairy products with unique taste. It is made from the milk of cows, goats or sheep. It is found in many forms from soft to the harder ones. To make the food tasty, experts add little amount of cheese. Some foods are incomplete without it like pizza. It has many benefits for health.

Though cheese is very tasty and is added in many daily life foods but it is a fact that it is full of fat. As these days, people prefer foods which contain less fat so cheese is being ignored but it is very good for the health of children because fats are the essential components of children's food to improve their physical and mental health. Beside containing fat, very few people know that it is beneficial for human health also because it contains some important nutrients in its composition for example proteins, vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12, zinc, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Bone and dental health:-
Bones make the structure of the body and if they will be weak, a person will always feel tired and exhausted all the time. Cheese contains calcium which is the essential nutrient for the growth and strength of bones. Vitamin D is also present in the cheese which helps the absorption of calcium in the body properly. Cheese is considered as the best food which prevents the disease of osteoporosis in humans. People with this disease should eat cheese six times a day so strengthen their bones. Presence of calcium, phosphorous and zinc in the cheese is also essential in the treatment of this disease. It also prevents the deficiency of vitamin B in the body. Vitamin B is important for the formation of spiraling of bones. Cheese is also beneficial for the teeth bones as it provides calcium to them which makes the teeth stronger and healthy.

Benefits to Women:-
Scientists after studying the benefits of cheese have concluded that it is the source of preventing women from having colon cancer. It is also good for women in the sense hat it helps in preventing bone loss during their menopause. It also reduces the risks of premenstrual syndrome and migraine. Because of presence of calcium in its composition, cheese is also good for breast cancer.

Skin health also improves due to the consumption of cheese because it contains vitamin B which keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Cheese is also beneficial for the prevention of various skin diseases.

For the enhancement of metabolism, cheese is considered as the best food because it contains fats, calcium, vitamins and proteins in large amounts. These nutrients fulfill the need of nutrients required by the body. But the people who are suffering from liver diseases, they should avoid eating cheese.

People who are suffering from diabetes, if they consume low fat milk cheese; it will be good for them because this type of cheese contains less amount of glucose. But it will be good if they consult a doctor before adding cheese to their diet.

Cheese is good for the health of people who are involved in athletic activities because cheese contains high levels of proteins and fatty acids which help in strengthening the muscles. For the maintenance and building of muscles, these two components are essential.

Weight Gain:-
There are some people who are very weak and if they include cheese in their daily diet, it will be beneficial for them because of all the essential components present in it. It is also necessary for the children who are weak and cannot walk at the proper age.

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