The treatment and prevention of illness in living organisms is called as health care. There are various fields where health care is delivered for example medicine, nursing and dentistry. Modern health care program is only delivered perfectly when trained professionals come together and work in a team. Health care industry is divided in many sectors and each sector performs its duty with dedication and sincerity. All these sectors work together to improve the health of individuals. Health care industry contains health care equipment, pharmaceuticals, services provided to the patients, biotechnology and life sciences according to the market classification industry such as Industry Classification Benchmark. Particular sectors are associated with the groups such as, biotechnology, drug manufacturers, hospitals, medical instruments and equipment, diagnostic laboratories and home health care.

Most of the government health care industries are based on the United Nations system which is International Standard industrial Classification. This health care industry mostly consists of the medical and dental practice activities, hospital activities and other human health activities. All types of activities which are not performed by the hospitals or by medical doctors or nurses come under the human health activities. These activities involve the supervision of nurses, midwives, scientific or diagnostic laboratories, ambulance or other medical practitioners.

Belgium is one of the most well developed countries in the world. It has the best health care systems in the whole world. The system of health care divides itself into two categories i.e. state and private. In state health care system people do not need any reference but they have the advantage of choosing doctors, clinics or hospitals on their own. They can also choose the location whatever they like. On the other hand, doctors can be found in private who are generally the general practitioners. Anyone who is new in their area, they should ask their neighbors about the best general practitioner. Because they can guide you well and you will save your time and money. In Belgium, it is necessary for a chemist to first get the license of opening a chemist shop. Some chemists open their shops and some at night. So in emergency, it becomes easy to get medicines at any time. People who are citizens of Belgium have this benefit that they get health insurance. We can say that other countries should follow such rules about health care and should make their health care programs more effective.

United Nations has its own agency of health care which is called as World health Organization. This organization keeps record of the health care programs of all countries. The main motto of this agency is to give advices to poor countries about the health care. In poor countries there is no specialized health care system that is why people there suffer from diseases easily. They have less awareness about the health care programs. This is because the mortality rate is higher in poor countries than in developed countries. Word Health organization tries its best to spread its message in every corner of the world. It is on the government of poor countries that they should create awareness of health care among their people.

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