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Mirror Neurons - Reinventing Brain Plasticity

BY: Nazish Mustafa | Category: Healthcare | Submitted: 2016-10-08 20:28:21
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Article Summary: "Motor impairment and disabilities in patients are strongly needed to be overcome with proper neuro rehab approach based on scientific breakthroughs like mirror neurons. They are activated only by simple action observation which can rehabilitate and recover the motor deficits impaired individuals with smart neuro rehab planning .."

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Mirror Neurons - Reinventing Brain Plasticity by its Own Reflection
There are so many issues which we address and contribute understandable concepts by science and technology to proceed it further for the welfare of mankind but still there is a need of consideration to enlight the dark sides of physically disabled and paralysed individuals suffering from difficult hardships of life, for that we need immediate measures in neuro rehabilitative approach for treatment of motor deficits after traumatic brain injury and motor neuronal diseases Unfortunately ,there is no proper system of registration concrete data .In this scenario we need effective rehab therapies to retrieve the progressive ratios of disabilities. Moreover there is considerable evidence of recovery and voluntary movement in post stroke patients by action observation treatment under the banner of mirror neurons. This group of neurons located in frontal gyrus and premotor cortex, undergo synapsis only by observation. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has provided relevant information about the participation of the motor cortex during simple action observation which provides a powerful toolkit for designing potential therapeutic strategies in patients with motor impairments. There are possibilities of improvement in such patients in the imitation phase by planning sequential sessions of specific video clips which has positive impacts by action observation treatment, these images and continuous repeated sessions act as stimulations and activation of mirror neurons gradually. This valid approach of recovery in disabled patients demonstrates brain plasticity .The mirror neuronal system with increasing body of understanding evidently proved positive results which builds a hope in traumatic brain injury and motor neuronal diseases, unfortunately which are still considered as no cure diseases by reknowned physicians in our society. The tremendous evidences of recovery in disabled patients in various studies throughout the world have revolutionized the neurorehabilitation approach of treatment in patients of stroke spending a challenging life.

The mirror neurons not only activates while observing but also simulates the motor memories that is very helpful for the patients to recall their motor cortex memories and perform the routine motor movements by proper mirror neuron based strategical plans. The EEG rhythms suppressed when person performs motor move and also suppress while watching someone else to do the same work and that suppression of rhythm by observation has not been shown in patients of autism , it would be difficult for them to learn and recall by observation due to lack of social interaction but that suppression has been viewed when patient of autism has observed the familial person and similarly we can generate the activation of mirror neurons by motor memories whom he observed already performed certain actions.

This emerging emphatic rehab strategy can recover not only disabled people but also individuals who have suffered from severe traumatic brain injury , cerebral and brainstem infarctions and other premotor cortex degenerating diseases. By virtue of this mechanism we can make intense efforts to establish this valid and potential scheme of rehabilitation not only in developed countries but also in developing countries without any loads of extensive investments.



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Persuing Mphill in molecular medicine neurosciences

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