It is a matter of great concern that the world is facing the problem of shortage of doctors. It is not that only the poor or developing countries are facing this challenge but the developed countries are also going through the same situation. Rural areas of many countries lack proper medical facilities and most of the doctors avoid performing their duties in such areas because of the improper medical facilities. They are jut able to give initial treatment or first aid treatment if any patient comes to them.

United Kingdom:-
British government is trying to hire the young doctors of India and Pakistan as they are very honest to their work and are very hard working. Due to the restriction on the foreign medical students that they cannot study or practice here, the government has faced shortage of doctors and faced economic loss also. The situation was so bad that the government had to close some hospitals or some special wards of the hospital like emergency. Due to the security reasons, the British government had to ban the foreign medical students from coming in the country and practice there.

Federal government of Germany has announced that the rural areas of the country are not getting the proper medical facilities and are lacking good doctors. This situation if increased in the area, the health of the people will become critical and people will have to go to the big cities for medication. Not all the people can afford the medical bills in big hospitals. According to the German government, rural areas need almost 1800 doctors. 300 doctors are required for the Eastern state of Saxony to overcome the shortage of the doctors.

United States of America:-
Obama government has announced the shortage of doctors and is looking forward o hire new doctors from other countries. As America's population is increasing day by day that is why it is difficult to provide proper medical facilities and good doctors to every citizen. But still the government is trying its best to treat the rich and poor in the same way. The doctors in the service are demanding increase in their pay because of the workload they are facing.

Third World countries:-
Third world countries are the most effecters of shortage of doctors. Due to this reason, the bad health facilities are causing deaths of many people. Health care activities and provision doctors especially in the rural areas are completely out of the reach of the poor people. The maternity sector is facing so much problems of the availability of doctors that even in some areas babies are born at homes without any medications. There is a lot of risk of lives of both the mother and the child.
Africa is the one of the poorest countries of the world. The country is facing a lot of health problems and doctors also avoid going to such countries because of the poor environment. People in such countries do not have anything healthy to eat and suffer from various dangerous diseases like HIV, cancer and malaria.

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