The Science that can change your behavior: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

It is the old saying that the behavior of certain people never changes, as like the U-shape tale of dog which never changes, despite lot of try! But when it comes to science, nothing is impossible. The science of applied behavior analysis can change your behavior and with this even a pessimist can be turned into optimist. ABA is the science which applies experimental principles of behaviorism to change or modify the behavior. The behavior is monitored by frequency, latency, fluency, speed, topography etc. The ABA determines the functional relationship within the environment of the behavior .One of such know application of applied behavior analysis is Autism spectrum disorder in children . In this disorder , ABA guides Lovaas technique and is proven early intervention theory for children with disorder of autism spectrum.

This is not the limit of ABA , further it has greatly contributed in area like AIDS and its prevention , treating people with wide variety of behavior disorder , in zoo management and animal cares , severe mental disorder , parenting , littering , language acquisition , industrial health & safety, it is now a day contributing in vast area of medical procedures , gerontology , health and exercise and in many more areas .

The centre of the concept of applied behavior analysis is behavior . The scientific definition of behavior is that the portion of organism's interaction with its surrounding environment characterized by displacement which is detectable and in space through time of some part of that organism and resulting in change that can be further measured in some aspect of the environment.

Now let us focus on technologies that has been discovered through ABA research.
Task analysis is one such technology which is a process in which any task is detected into its various parts so that these segregated parts can be taught using chaining like backward chaining , forward chaining , and complete task presentation . Task analysis is being used in behavior management of any organization. This concept or analysis is also used to determine the skills needed for access to any specific career. Second aspect is chaining , in this learning is acquired with breaking the link in to small and easily understandable form . One such therapy called as dialectical behavior therapy completely uses behavior chain analysis. Generalization is the method for boosting students performance ability beyond the preset conditions for acquisition of any skill .For example, if a student had became expert in color at the table, then the teacher takes the student in the natural environment were this skill is generalized in the more natural environment with other materials and senses .
Shaping is another concept used in ABA which uses slowly changing or modifying the existing behavior into the desired behavior .For example if the student engages with a dog only by hitting it , then this behavior can have the proper shape by reinforcing interaction in which she or he touches and sense the dog more gently . Such many interactions will successfully shape the hitting behavior with other gentler or patting behavior.
Thus the ABA based techniques are very interesting and are applicable in vast areas of concern. ABA techniques are used to treat autism , so ABA itself is mistakenly called as a therapy of autism .In year 2007 , American academy of pediatrics in there one clinical report concluded on benefit of ABA techniques In that it was shown that ABA techniques had improved even the IQ , academic performance , adaptive behavior and language of concern patients . Thus even after all try , if the dog tale remains U-shaped do not worry , because ABA science will change the behaviors that might had remained like U-shape of tale for years .

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