Biologics is very complex drug which is made from the living organisms. Various medicinal products come under biologics such as vaccines, drugs, allergens, somatic cells and gene therapy. They have played significant role in treating the disease of rheumatoid arthritis. The patients have gotten much benefit from biologics whose disease was not curing with the traditional medicines. Some of the biologics which are approved to treat the disease of arthritis are, Enbrel, Actemra, Cimzia and Orencia.

Biologics are the medicines which are genetically engineered and are derived from the human genes. Inflammation is the major feature of rheumatoid arthritis; biologics are designed in such a way that they stop those components in the immune system from increasing which cause inflammation. Traditional drugs against arthritis when consumed by the patient, they affect many areas of the body along with acting against the disease, but biologics are designed in such a way that they only act upon the immune system components. There is one more benefit of biologics is that they make slow the spread of the disease while other medicines cannot fight against arthritis for so long and disease rapidly spreads in the body.

Biologics has side effects also. A main side effect is the pain which starts if the disease is treated with biologics. There are chances that biologics may trigger some other diseases or infections. Great precautionary measures should be taken during the treatment and the patient mist immediate take medical advice if he suffers from any symptoms of fever. Although biologics are beneficial for the treatment of arthritis but still this therapy is in the early stages of development that is why they are given to the patients through injections.

Biologic medications are expensive and every patient cannot afford the treatment with these medicines. But it is a fact that they give good results for the treatment than the traditional medicines. There should be great precautionary measures taken if the pregnant women undergo biologic therapy. She should take medical advice before the treatment.

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