Industry of biotechnology is flourishing day by day. Every day scientists come up with different kind of drugs, vaccines and diagnostics and even with new kind of techniques which are helpful in improving the health of many people. In this fast moving world, biotechnology is also accepting the challenges and making progress even faster. Here are some news about the industry of biotechnology.

Pharmacy News:

There are certain drugs manufactured by India and Brazil, which has been banned by Europe. Certain types of drugs have faced ban by World Health Organization to Europe. They explained it as it was a misuse of rules against fake medicines. This ban has illuminated a trade dispute at the World Trade organization. Experts have warned World health Organization that the sale of counterfeit drugs is rising worldwide. People are buying such drugs on the internet. Such kinds of drugs are transported through cargos from one country to the other. People who do this business are earning billion of rupees. Developed countries do this business by selling expensive hormones, anti-cancer medicines and pharmaceuticals. But in developing countries, fake medicines are sold to cure life threatening diseases such as malaria or TB. A joint resolution is proposed at the WHA by India to set a separate program for such medicines. There should be complete checking of quality, safety and efficiency of medicines before they are transported to other countries.

Biotech IT News:-

Last days, scientists faced the problem of scattered data of compounds throughout Pfizer. It was a great challenge for the scientists to accumulate all the information altogether and collect it at one place. Another challenge which they faced was to find additional applications for the compounds. A special unit built an information tool so that researchers could also use the Pfizer's data assets. Clinical data sources are now easy to approach which were very difficult to access in the past.

Biotech research News:-

Rat is one of few animals which are used for experiments of different drugs in the laboratory. But laboratory rats are not fulfilling the desired task because they have the access to eat food as much as they want and they do not walk which makes them overweight. That is why they are unfit for the desired purposes of scientists. Such animals develop resistance against diseases like high blood pressure and impaired brain function and diabetes and etc. Because of their eating habits, cholesterol level increases in their blood which causes cancer, heart disease and kidney disease. For example, angogenic is a condition in which new blood vessels are formed to feed tumors which. The drugs which are experimented on fat mice may have little or very different effect on thin ones.

Vaccines News:-

Duke universiry has experimented a new brain cancer vaccine on some patients. In making of this vaccine, white blood cells are extracted from the patient and they are mixed with the DNA. This DNA contains the genetic mutations which triggered the glioblastoma.

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