New Sleep Drug: MK-4305:-
A pharmaceutical company Merck has developed a new drug for the people who are suffering from insomnia. Insomnia is a disorder in which an individual does not fall into sleep or he sleep less than other people. The name of the drug is MK-4305. Neuropeptide or orexin is present in the brain which helps to regulate the body and balance it for sleep and alertness. By consuming this drug, scientists are hoping that the brain will be able to produce more orexins and it will also be able to control the arousal system of the brain from disturbing. That is why it will help the person to get good sleep at night and he will be able to concentrate on his work properly.

The trials of the drug were performed on the patients by dividing them into different groups. The group of the patients which consumed 40 mg of the drug, they got 7.9% more sleep than the other groups. This drug also helped people to fall asleep quickly and they slept for longer time than usual. Scientists then concluded that 40mg of the drug is best for the insomniac people as it helps them to sleep properly without any side effects. Phase 1 of the research and experiment gave good results to the scientists but they still have to continue the experiment in phase 2 as they still have to see any side effects of the drug. Phase 2 will check the quality of the drug and it will also be seen if this drug is accepted by the immune system and has not cause any side effects in the other parts of the body.

Plastic Antibodies:-
Scientists have developed new antibodies which are called as plastic antibodies by using the technique of molecular imprinting technology. They say that these antibodies work in the same way as the natural antibodies and help to hunt antigens. These plastic antibodies extracted from bee venom and concluded that these antibodies will be applied in the same way against bacteria, viruses, allergens and other harmful microorganisms which attack the body.

The scientists Kenneth Shea and colleagues reported that these nanobodies work in the same method as the natural antibodies and protect the immune system against harmful antigens. The procedure of making the plastic antibodies is that the scientists mixed the component of bee venom, melittin, with monomers. This mixture becomes hard when it is attached around the poison. Then they take the hardened material and make plastic antibodies with it.

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