A leading drug development solution organization that provides a nurturing work culture. This a Mumbai based pharmaceutical organization which was established in the year 1996 by Dr. Gautam Daftary. They symbolizes empowerment with accountability and recognition. They provide a fair return on investment. They are known for their innovation, proactivity and faster delivery of new medicines. They focus on clients and believe in integrity and excellence. Their symbol of success is not only in India but in many parts of the world. Their headquarters are in USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Israel and Malaysia as well.

Their corporate timeline depicts their advancements and achievements clearly. The company started in 1996 and by 2001 they began services in Data Management, Biostatistics and Medical writing. In 2007 won the award of Frost and Sullivan. They acquired Omega Mediation in 2008 and broadened their expertise by collaborating with Mediscis and France in 2009. They formed strategic alliance with Dream CIS and VCRO in 2010 and with RegRX Consulting LLC in 2011. They launched their operations in Malaysia. Their presence in India, US and Europe will help the company to cover the entire gene pools and their partnership with N. American niche expert group Advanced Clinical Trial Solutions.

They provide services in :-
i) Project Management and Planning- the team of the project management executes the plan towards the launching of products in the market.
ii) Clinical Monitoring- they monitor the work and system at the trial site.
iii) Biostatistics and Programming- the analysis of data documented during the trial with the help of software like SAS.
iv) Data Management- the management, programming the database and cleaning the messy data with the help of softwares like Oracle Clinical, Inform, Rave, etc
v) Medical Writing- documentation and scientific writing of journals.
vi) Clinical Audit Services and QA- audit and inspect the documents, study design and trial work against the protocol.
vii) Medical Monitoring- monitoring the lab repots and documents of the patients.
viii) Clinical Trial Supplies Management- the management of site where the trial is to be conducted.
ix) Pharmacovigilance- to detect, understand, prevent and resolve any Adverse or Serious Adverse Event during the trial.
x) Regulatory services- they look after the trial site and inspect to check whether the work is conducted accordingly or not.

The organization has a wide experience in therapeutic area. It is mainly into the field of Oncology contributing around 15% and 13% in the field of Diabetics. The company is researching and producing medicines for various problems related to Cardiovascular, Neurology, Opthalmology, Urology, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology and Respiratory concerned diseases, Psychiatric problems and infectious diseases.

If we focus on their experience in different phases of a clinical trial, then they have mostly performed Phase III trial about 37% followed by 22% phase II, 11% phase IV and 3% phase I of the clinical trial.

The organization is led by Dr. Chetan Tamhankar, the current CEO of SIRO CLINPHARM Pvt Ltd and widely renowned industry expert. He led the company from a two member team to its present state. He is associated with the Clinical Research industry for about 15 years and served the Indian society for Clinical Research as its General Secretary.

Dr. Gautam Daftary, founder of Siro Clinpharm Pvt. Ltd is the present MD of the company. He started the first Indian Clinical Research Company. He is a qualified medical expert with an experience of over 20 years in pharmaceutical management.

The industry received numerous awards throughout the decade like, Indian Clinical Research Organisation award, Indian CRO of the year award by Frost and Sullivan, Launch 'on trak' -clinical trial management platform for its Indian operations. They joined DreamCIS to access korean patient pooland selected Oracle's Life sciences applications.

The facts reveals that the industry has a steady growth and has outsourced many Clinical Research projects in India. The strategic alliance with niche providers in different geographic locations marked a success. In near future, this industry with synergistic strength as an international company would grow almost 3-4 times with this pace. It has definitely hyped the competition and shown its presence in the pharmaceutical market worldwide.

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B.Tech (Biotechnology)
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