Nanotechnology is become more popular in the world today. It has vast applications that have been applying today. Most important application of nanotechnology is nanosensors which are used for the security in hospitals, airports and public areas. Everyone wants to be secure and therefore desire safety for his life. Nanosensors are very helpful for detecting dangerous substances, tiny amounts of explosives or chemicals, which could safe many lives in the future.

Researchers have found that some animals contain a substance in their shells that is used for the detection purpose which will be very helpful for the danger detection. It is said that animal's shells contain biological compounds that can easily interact with the wide variety of substances and work well in an intricate, sensitive device. Sensors that is very supportive for the detection. For example, chitosan a substance that is found in crab shell and it contains very useful properties. It has been used for the detection in many areas. It is also used as bandages to stop bleeding.

How animal shell is used for the detection of dangerous substances?

The nanosensor technology described here for the detection of dangerous substances, there are multiple vibrating cantilevers which are similar to diving boards, and these cantilevers are coated with the substance from animal shell. The changing of cantilevers will help find different substances having different concentration. When any particle enters the device from air, the substance on a specific cantilever will interact and makes the cantilever vibrating. This vibration change will be indicated in optical sensing system which indicates that the substance has been detected.

It is also noted that some nanosensors are useful for the diagnosis of various diseases in our body. This nanosensor includes micro cantilever array (used to investigate drug resistance) which measure virus and other protein markers. For this purpose one can in living at home assess the level of virus. It will keep the regular checkup of the patient and could reduce the number of checkups to the doctor. It would be really beneficial for the patient from this device.

What will happen in near future?

In the future, it is of more interest that no one will be worried about for the security. These nanosensors would be helpful to improve security in many areas of world by detecting tiny amounts of substances. This emerging application of nanotechnology is encouraging in many researches. It has been found that the use of nanosensors will be accommodating in finding deadly material by integrated into specific powerful devices in particular locations. Nanosensor technology work best without consuming any time. Nanosensors would give power to users to scrutinize the environment around them in completely new ways, from analyzing air pollution, to gaining insight into bio-chemical traces and processes. Nanosensors would be adequate to open up new marts. In near future, nanosensors flawlessly communicate with the people and changing environment in an efficient way.

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